Monday, September 20, 2010

Planting Memories

year for the past couple of years my dad has helped me plant my
garden.  I give him the usual, "I don't have".  And my dad, bless his heart, just won't
take no for an answer.  He'll drop composted horse pooh in my
garden in the dead of winter...he'll build me a fence to keep out the
bunny rabbits...he'll come & till it all by hand...or buy me plants
to plant if I'm not fast enough.  (He also set me up with that
pretty blue rain barrel.)

Because of my dad, I compost.  And composting is kinda fun...yet
slow moving.  This year my dad came over & built the fence to
keep the rabbit who ate all my tomatoes last year out of the
garden.  It's made from all sorts of leftover wood parts he had
scrounged up (he's a master scrounger!) but it did the
bunnies!  But either from the composted horse pooh or the compost
itself, we grew some plants that we didn't anticipate...

un-expected places.  This rogue plant seems to be a
cantaloupe...that grew right through the bunny fence.  There's
another one at the bottom right of the photo.  They're teeny tiny,
but oh so cute!  I've never planted cantaloupe before, but I think
I'll try it next year!

And while I love butternut squash, I've never planted it.  Now I have about 8 growing.  It's pretty cool!

There's another itty bitty canteloupe!  They're popping up all over!

I'm very lucky.  I get to spend time with my dad.  And
gardening with my dad has provided unexpected benefits.  From the
extra fruit & the quality time with my dad.  It's
worth every second! 

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