Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Arty Bras


My sister in law, Barbara, asked us if we'd be interested in creating bras for the Arty-Bra Project for the Cancer Center of Northern Arizona
Of course we said yes!  Especially when we have Andi (aka, my
mom) on hand to design & create them!  It started out with one
bra...and then Barbara told my mom that she'd really like to have one
in honor of her friend, Rhiannon Samples.  Rhiannon is a new
mother who discovered that she had breast cancer right after she had
her baby.  So of course, we wanted to help out!

"Extinguish Cancer!" bra is in honor of Rhiannon.  Her husband is a
firefighter with the Flagstaff Fire Department...thus the flames &

The other bra is "Niiiice Pumpkins!"...just because sometimes silly is good.

So why am I telling you all of this?  Because the bras will be
displayed downtown during the First Friday Art Walk, on Friday, October
1st.  You get to vote on your favorite bra...they're expecting
over 60!  And you can buy raffle tickets to WIN your favorite cool is that?

From the FMC website "In an effort to increase breast cancer knowledge and promote early detection of breast-health issues, the Cancer Centers of Northern Arizona Healthcare (CCNAH) are showcasing the “Arty-Bra” Project on Oct. 1 at the First Friday ArtWalk in downtown Flagstaff.

In recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October,
Arty-Bra designs − decorative bras and artwork celebrating the beauty
of all women − will be displayed at Vora Financial and the Old Town
Shops, both located in downtown Flagstaff, during the ArtWalk. Ballots
will be available at the event to vote for your favorite Arty-Bra
design, as well as tickets sold to possibly win your choice of the Arty
Bra artwork. After the First Friday ArtWalk showcase, the Arty Bras
will be on display at the Cancer Center located on Flagstaff Medical Center campus, 1200 N. Beaver St."

We hope you'll visit the Art Walk or the Cancer Center to vote for
our bras!  Take photos of your favorite ones & post them on our
Facebook fun will that be?


  1. Love them both! What a creative way to fight breast cancer.

  2. I heard these works of art took 1st and 2nd place. I think they should have tied for 1st=)

  3. How cool ! I had no idea! I'll let my mom know :)