Monday, August 23, 2010

Main Street Grand Junction

We had a wonderful visit to Colorado with our friends Bill & Jody
a few weeks ago.  Jody works for the city & showed us how they
have really revitalized downtown Grand Junction.  From January to
May, the city tore up 1/2 the streets & sidewalks &
re-constructed them to feature all sorts of nifty things:  a place
for kids to play, water fountains, trash cans & some amazing
art.  This amazing art can be purchased...some for the low, low
price of around $20,000.  Let me take 2!  Anyway, I took some
photos along the way of what I thought was interesting.  Enjoy!

This little dragon makes me happy :)  I feel like doing this all the time!

And what's not to love about this happy little ladybug?

Rumor is that this bar is "straight before eight".  Cool either
way.  I love the vintage sign!  I'm sure there was a time that
people wanted them to update their look, but hey, what's old is new
again & it's perfectly retro now!

little screaming people are carved into the whole building.  Can
you believe that?  I don't think that everyone sees them as
screaming people...I, however, would not be able to work in a building
that had them.

What a cool name for a yarn store!

He's made out of chrome bumpers.  Is that not the coolest buffalo ever?

It was funny to see that if a statue had a hand, someone went around & put flowers in the hand.  Nice touch!

wait to scrapbook these!  And although I find the screaming faces
quite unsettling, I also have visions of printing that photo really
big...almost background big for the base of my page....we'll see what

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