Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The beauty of sunflowers...

I know, I know...everyone in town is sneezing their fool heads
off...but you have to admit, our rather rainy year has produced the most
abundant crop of sunflowers!  Flagstaff is so beautiful right
now!  (ahchoo!)

Sunflowers 6

That's right outside of Continental Country Club last night. 
Beautiful purple flowers seem to grow with the sunflowers, making them
even more beautiful.

Sunflowers 4

This one was taken this morning at Buffalo Park.  So pretty! 

Both photos were taken on my not perfect...but I
hope they convey to you how beautiful they are!  Ok, one more...I
just can't help myself! (ahchoo!)

Sunflowers 2

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  1. Wow - just beautiful!! I'm sneezing along with you (always this time of year!)