Friday, August 27, 2010

Some days you just need puppy kisses...

and Audra's puppy, Dutch, gives the best puppy kisses of them all!


Have a beautiful weekend! 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The beauty of sunflowers...

I know, I know...everyone in town is sneezing their fool heads
off...but you have to admit, our rather rainy year has produced the most
abundant crop of sunflowers!  Flagstaff is so beautiful right
now!  (ahchoo!)

Sunflowers 6

That's right outside of Continental Country Club last night. 
Beautiful purple flowers seem to grow with the sunflowers, making them
even more beautiful.

Sunflowers 4

This one was taken this morning at Buffalo Park.  So pretty! 

Both photos were taken on my not perfect...but I
hope they convey to you how beautiful they are!  Ok, one more...I
just can't help myself! (ahchoo!)

Sunflowers 2

Monday, August 23, 2010

Main Street Grand Junction

We had a wonderful visit to Colorado with our friends Bill & Jody
a few weeks ago.  Jody works for the city & showed us how they
have really revitalized downtown Grand Junction.  From January to
May, the city tore up 1/2 the streets & sidewalks &
re-constructed them to feature all sorts of nifty things:  a place
for kids to play, water fountains, trash cans & some amazing
art.  This amazing art can be purchased...some for the low, low
price of around $20,000.  Let me take 2!  Anyway, I took some
photos along the way of what I thought was interesting.  Enjoy!

This little dragon makes me happy :)  I feel like doing this all the time!

And what's not to love about this happy little ladybug?

Rumor is that this bar is "straight before eight".  Cool either
way.  I love the vintage sign!  I'm sure there was a time that
people wanted them to update their look, but hey, what's old is new
again & it's perfectly retro now!

little screaming people are carved into the whole building.  Can
you believe that?  I don't think that everyone sees them as
screaming people...I, however, would not be able to work in a building
that had them.

What a cool name for a yarn store!

He's made out of chrome bumpers.  Is that not the coolest buffalo ever?

It was funny to see that if a statue had a hand, someone went around & put flowers in the hand.  Nice touch!

wait to scrapbook these!  And although I find the screaming faces
quite unsettling, I also have visions of printing that photo really
big...almost background big for the base of my page....we'll see what

Friday, August 20, 2010

Then & Now


Four Corners, August 1973.  That makes me 6.  (I'm diggin' my outfit!  And check out those classic cars!)


Four Corners, August 2010.  (I definitely see a scrapbook page here!)

you ever been to Four Corners?  It's where Arizona, Utah, Colorado
& New Mexico meet.  There has been some controversy in the
past couple of years that it's in the wrong spot.  You can read the
Navajo Nations position on it here.  Really, it didn't matter to me that I may not actually be standing on the spot.  I just knew that I had this photo of me as a little girl standing there & I wanted one of me as an adult.

funny, but this little road trip my husband & I took has kind of
unleashed a desire in me that I've never had before.  I've realized
that I spend too much time wishing I'd done something or gone somewhere
& not enough time doing it or going there.  Enough of
that!  I have things to do & places to go!  No more

We have a book at the store for bored husbands to read
while their wives shop called "Weird Arizona".  It's filled with
folklore, tales & stories, as well as some rather odd places in
Arizona.  It's pretty entertaining.  (We don't sell it, you
can find it at Barnes & Noble.)

We've (ok, I've
helped us decide) that we're going to visit all of the places in the
book.  Each & everyone of them that you can reasonably get
to.  I'm taking my book to Kinko's to have the spine cut off &
I'm binding it with a really big springy thing (the word is alluding me
at the moment...but I want the pages to be able to flip all the way
around to the back).  As we visit each of the places in the book,
we're adding our own photos & memories to the pages.  So it's
like a traveling scrapbook!  I cannot wait!  And hey, when the
Arizona book is done, then I want to do this one, too:

Doesn't this sound like fun?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Today, I'm...


  • excited about printing photos from our trip to Colorado to visit two of my favorite people ever

  • ready to make place cards & table signs for a wedding of 120...and 40 more invitations for a Silpada party

  • more than ready to head to the Chiropractor

  • looking forward to a busy day at the store and midnight madness tonight!

  • missing Rachel & trying to devise a plan to go visit her for her
    garage sale in September (how many miles have you driven to reach an
    uber cool garage sale?)

  • thinking I might have some photos I took of the sky blown up...they make me happy


(I love clouds!)


Have a great weekend!  Make sure to scrapbook!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stop & Smell the Roses

or the sunflowers...


something I seem to have forgotten...and hope to remember to do more often...have a beautiful weekend!