Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Scrapbooking should be more like Wipeout

Have you ever seen the show Wipeout?  It's pretty hilarious (boy husband thinks it's a crack up!).  I was watching it
tonight & I was thinking that it would be great if scrapbookers
approached scrapbooking like the people on Wipeout.  Say
what?  Here's what I mean:

  • the folks on Wipeout will try anything to accomplish their
    matter how silly they felt doing it (translation:  it's only
    paper, people...not brain surgery...give it a go...if it doesn't work,
    try another tactic...that's how you learn)

  • dirty is good  (translation:  the bigger the mess, the better the page!)

  • cheer on your partner  (translation:  positive feedback makes for happy scrappers)

  • be a good sport (translation:  if it's not working for you, move on to another set of need for temper tantrums)

  • use food for bribes (translation:  scrapbookers just simply create better with chocolate...or yummy salty snacks)

  • funny is good (translation:  journaling doesn't have to be so serious)

  • at the end of the day, you need to be happy with the final results (no translation needed!)

As scrapbookers, we tend to over analyze our photos...our paper
choices...our embellishments.  We make it overwhelming when it
shouldn't be.  Really, if you stop & think about it, what's the
worst that's going to happen to you?  A layout you don't
like?  I can live with that.  It's just paper.  And hey,
if you lay everything out before you start gluing, well, you won't end
up with a layout you don't like.  Disaster averted!  You may
end up with a pile of scraps that you didn't intend on having, but hey,
that's ok!  And at least you're not covered with mud.


  1. That show just makes me laugh out loud. I love the big balls!

  2. Great analogies Kirsten!

  3. I so agree. When I take a long break from scrapping I'm nervous that
    I'll make a page where "someone" will judge that my creative abilities
    are bad or good. But once I start putting words and photos and glue
    together, I realize that even pages I think look grade school are
    appreciated, and so much better than pictures in a box on on my hard
    drive. So-so pages are so much better than no pages! I've got pages I
    don't like at all, but I've never thrown one away because "someone" is
    happy I've captured a moment or thought in time.