Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mohawks & Memories


brother has been asking me to give the boys mohawks for a little while
now.  The boys always tell me "no way!" but this weekend, they
changed their minds.  I  have to say, mohawks on little kids
are adorable!  It just makes you smile to see them!  And they
think they are just cute as can be...and they're right! 

cannot wait to scrapbook the photos from's easy to scrapbook
when it's fresh in your mind & the story is cute.  Last week, I
did the 4 pages for Page of the Week and I intentionally pulled out an
old box of photos.  It made journaling really hard.  I just
don't remember the finer details anymore. 

I by no means
scrapbook every photo.  But I think from now on, when the photos
move me, I'm going to scrapbook it right I don't

Here's a challenge today:  pull out 2 or 3
photos & scrapbook something that just happened.  And then
pull out 2 or 3 photos that you've had for a while.  Did you notice
a difference? 

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