Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mexican Food

Anyone who knows me knows that I could eat Mexican food morning, noon
& night...I love chorizo, jalapenos, and hot salsa.  I have a
few places that I love to go, that serve excellent Mexican food. 
One of those places is LaFonda. 

It's in the Sunnyside neighborhood, on 2nd Street.  It's the go to
place for family get togethers.  Every time my brother in law
comes to town, that's where he wants to go.  Even 20 years after
moving away he's drawn to LaFonda...and I have to say, none of us

The decor is...unique.  It's like you're sitting inside a
screwdriver drink (you know, the one that's orange juice & grenadine
& some sort of alcohol).  It is BRIGHT. 

The food is super yummy...I mostly love their veggie fajitas &
their beans...but the chicken tacos are pretty darn yummy, too!

is a locally owned business...which you know I'm a fan of!  And
because I'm ridiculously addicted to Facebook, I'm a fan of them there
too...they post specials all the time!  Did you know that if you
were forced to evacuate because of the flooding in Timberline that they
will buy you lunch or dinner?  You need to show ID, and then
they'll give you a free lunch or dinner special.  How awesome is
that?  (They did it for evacuees of the Schultz Fire, too!) 

your favorite thing on the LaFonda menu?  Haven't been
there?  Then where's your favorite Mexican food place? 


  1. I love the tacos. The beef ones. Its not ground beef, but it must be
    marinated for days until it is all mushy and then they deep fry the meat
    inside the taco shells before putting all the yummy goodness inside of
    it (at least, thats how I imagine they do it in my head). After typing
    this, I might have to head there for lunch!

  2. Love the Blue Corn Tacos - a very tasty treat!

  3. Oh my gosh you guys are making me want they overnight their
    food?? Definitly miss that place!!