Friday, June 25, 2010

The price of beauty...

(Not all self portraits are pretty.  Nothing like puttin' it all out there!)

I'll admit it.  I color my hair.  I used to have my
hair stylist do it for me, but it got to be too much of an
expense.  So I found a box color that I kinda liked...


but it was turning my hair a funky reddish brown that I
just didn't like.  I had a coupon for a new color & since
I'm doing Coupon Sense now, I couldn't pass up the fabulous deal...

Dark brown

It was fast, which was cool!  Unfortunately, I look a little like Morticia Adams...


It's actually much darker in person, if you can believe that!

So what do you do for "beauty"?  That's you're self
portrait assignment today...whether it's
wax...highlights...whatever your thing is, take a photo.  It'll be

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