Thursday, June 10, 2010

Flagstaff Favorites

I love that we have a Picazzo's Organic Italian Kitchen
in Flagstaff!  They used to be just Picazzo's Pizza, and it was
pretty good.  But this whole new concept is AWESOME!  You see,
I'm gluten intolerant, which is a total drag.  Picazzo's, however,
totally caters to people, food issues.  Some like it all
organic.  Some like gluten free.  And some, like my husband,
just want it to taste great.  You get the whole package here

This was my lemonade...can't remember the had vodka & chambord in it & was FABULOUS!

We had caprese with gluten free die for!

And our chipotle & chicken gluten free pizza...both my husband
& I exclaimed that it was the best meal we'd ever had there! 
And my husband is NOT gluten free, free range, organic anything...

and we treated ourselves to the gluten free chocolate chip cookie with
organic vanilla ice cream.  Heaven on earth!  I don't even
like ice cream & it was SO good!

And tonight our waitress was
phenomenal!  That's not always the case there, just so you're
forewarned.  Plan on it taking a while (although tonight was fast)
& be pleasantly surprised when it comes sooner & all together
(not often the case).  Just know that the food is totally worth it.

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