Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Flagstaff Favorites


(Leah & Kendall in front of Pato Thai during the May First Friday ArtWalk)

Flagstaff is one of my favorite places for many reasons, but the two
biggest reasons are that I love the First Friday ArtWalks and the Movies
on the Square.  And let me throw in a 3rd reason:  the
buildings are old, thus making downtown a charming place to take photos!

I love First Friday ArtWalks!  You can check them out here. 
I love that it's something different downtown every month.  You
can people watch (man oh man can you people watch!), check out stores
you've never been to or haven't been to in a while, hear live music, see
performers, and just generally hang out & have a great time. 
We typically have dinner at Charley's (make sure to have the Cactus Wren
martini which two of my friends created...seriously!) but last month we
ate at Pato Thai...which was simply wonderful!  And no trip
downtown is complete without some chocolate from Brookside...or a trip
down into The Basement Marketplace for dirt cheap t-shirts (a funny
fact:  The Basement used to be Babbitt's Department Store receiving
& my mom worked down there when I was a kid...and upstairs used to
be Newberrys & I worked there in college).

In the summer, there's also Movies on the Square (here's the link)
which my family loves.  (Movies on the Square is every Friday
night).  Make sure to bring something to sit on & a
blanket...even in July!  It can get kinda chilly!  One of the
fun things about Movies on the Square is the groups of kids that sell
things to make money for their activities.  The ski team sometimes
does a "split the pot" raffle, the high school bands sell's
changing all the time.  For me, it's a fun Friday night outing!

What's your favorite thing about downtown Flagstaff?

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  1. Is it wrong to want a Cactus Wren at 9:00 am?