Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Falling in love with photos again...

You know, each year I kinda give up taking photos for a few
months.  Ok, usually it's about 4 months.  But this year I'm
teaching a month in review class & it's been forcing me to take
photos every month.  But I really wasn't getting the quality that I
wanted & was unhappy with my work.  So I put my Nikon D80 down
& grabbed my little Panasonic Lumix point & shoot & just
used it.  And it did ok. 

Then the other day I picked up that Nikon again & remembered why i love it so much...

I love the blur....

It has a faster shutter...

Well, maybe not fast enough...

Totally in love with my camera all over again!  (And my little dog, too!)

I'm so ready to re-read my Photographers Workshop
notebook...and listen to the audio.  I'm ready to absorb the
information all over again & re-learn how to take great
photos.  My goal is to take photos that don't need Photoshop,
because I honestly don't have the time or desire to mess with my photos
anymore than I have to.  

What about you?  Do you edit every photo?  Do you use them
the way they come out of the camera?  What do you want to learn
about your camera?  What do you want to learn about taking better


  1. Absolutely LOVE the picture of Kendall & Ori - those are the types
    of photos I hope to capture!

  2. There are times when I love my point and shoot and times when I love my
    big just depends on where I am going and what I want to haul
    around with me. I don't edit my pictures at all and usually most of
    them come out okay enough to use as is.

  3. Yes, everything goes through photoshop - or maybe lightroom. I have
    spent a ton of time learning photoshop, but it's so complex that if you
    don't use each skill regularly, well, guess what - you have to learn it
    again. I end up doing lots of re-learning. I have a total love/hate
    relationship with photoshop.

  4. I totally agree - straight out of the camera. It takes enough time as is
    to sort and order the ones I want printed.
    It has been a busy few months and I find that I haven't taken as many
    photos as normal and kind of miss them. I just pulled out the camera for
    some fun picture taking yesterday and hope to get back in the groove
    for the rest of the summer!
    Love the wind-blown dog!

  5. The only thing I do to photos is this unsharp mask thing that removes
    what a friend refers to as the digital blur. It really does look like
    it's removing a tiny layer of fog on the photo - not a lot of
    difference, but I like it enough to do on all. That's about it, usually.
    Love the blur too. And your photos!