Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What have I done?

Lately, I've been on a paint every room in the house and get rid of
stuff we don't need kick.  I don't know what's overcome me. 
But the urge is strong.  You'd think that first I'd purge, then I'd
clean & then I'd paint.  Oh, no.  Let's do it all
backwards!  Let your husband paint, which means he moves everything
into your craft room (covered in inches of dust, I might add). 
Let the stuff sit around the house long enough that really, you just
want it all gone.  Couple that with the "my daughter will be going
off to college in 3 years, maybe I should save this stuff" mentality
& what you have is a mighty huge problem.  Which just instantly
made me think of this song...


I took Saturday off from work for the sole purpose of cleaning my
bathroom.  I know, I had to miss work to clean my bathroom...but
really, it was the only way it was going to get done.  It took 2
hours for me to scrub it down.  I removed everything from it that
wasn't bolted to the floor or the walls.  Then I was on a
roll!  I cleaned out the guest room....our thing you
know, it's 5 hours later & there's a pile of things I have no idea
what to do with sitting in the middle of the living room floor. 
Even Kendall got into it & kinda cleaned her room. 
She purged all the clothes & shoes (gasp!) that she no longer wants
to wear.  It too, was added to the pile in the living room:

The photo looks better than the actual mess.  I took a couple of
bags of clothes & shoes to our friend MacKenzie, which helped. 
And if anyone is in need of dvd storage, I have those two wooden racks
& the two wire racks that I'm selling.  Maybe I'll put them on
Craig's List...

My craft room took the bulk of the overflow of stuff.  So much
so that I couldn't even walk into it.  I knew I wanted a new
storage unit for my scrapbooks...the shelf I had from Target just
couldn't bear the weight of all those scrapbooks.  Since this photo
was taken, the shelves really bowed from the weight.


I ended up with the Expedit unit from IKEA (for $99...what a bargain!) but after I got my stuff in it, I wish that I would have gotten the next size bigger.

already full.  40 scrapbooks.  And frankly I have more. 
See those boxes on the side? Both sides, actually.  Yeah, I have
lots more!  Luckily my husband says we can fit another unit of the
same size right next to it.  I may have to make a quick trip to's going to drive me nuts!  2nd row from the top, 1st
& 2nd cube holds the boxes that I was planning to "hide" stuff
in.  There's no room for, another unit it is!

(the cleanest it's been in at least a month...and look Audra, I got the IKEA chandelier that I've been begging for!  Hey, for $40, it was worth a few eye rolls!  And I really liked this one, too, but he couldn't be swayed...)

How many scrapbooks do you have?  All of those albums with the
linen covers are filled with photo pages & combined with scrapbook
pages.  Can you imagine if I had said I scrapbooked all
those?  I'd be lynched!  But no, I am totally enamored with We
R Memory Keepers horizontal 4x6 photo pages & these albums prove
that.  (If you're wondering what I'm talking about you can read about the whole Scrapbook Project here.)

And what do you do with negatives?  I had been putting them in
binders, but when was the last time I used a negative to print a
photo?  Do I really need them?  That's my problem lately, do I really need it in my house?

Let's have a giveaway today!  Leave me a comment by midnight on May 31st that tells me:

  • how many scrapbooks do you have?

  • how do you store them?

  • how do you store negatives?

  • what's your scrapbooking goal for the summer?

  • get a bonus entry for linking to a photo of your craft space (you can email it to me, too)

  • get another bonus entry for showing me your very own scrapbook project (leave me a link or email me the photo)

winners will be randomly chosen & will receive a pack of We R Memory
Keepers 4x6 horizontal page protectors (my favorite!).  Winners
will be posted on Monday, June 1st.



  2. That must feel so great - to have it all organized.
    I started using the We R... 12 x 12 albums in 2007 and am trying to keep
    it to one per year. I just recently bought an extra one to try and go
    back and switch over 2006. That was also the year I switched to totally
    digital, but never printed digital pics from that year, so doing so will
    be part of the switch-over project. I guess that will be my goal for
    the summer. It would be great to get everything converted (like you did)
    but will be on an "as money and time permits" schedule.

  3. •how many scrapbooks do you have?
    5 for each kid and 3 for me
    •how do you store them?
    on shelves in the living room
    •how do you store negatives?
    no negatives
    •what's your scrapbooking goal for the summer? put family recipes into
    a scrapbook cookbook
    •get a bonus entry for linking to a photo of your craft space (you can
    email it to me, too)
    in email
    •get another bonus entry for showing me your very own scrapbook
    project (leave me a link or email me the photo)
    will show you this weekend

  4. Love the new shelving unit ~ that looks great! I'll have to remember
    that when I get more space to actually store my albums outside of a box
    in the garage ;-)

  5. I love the way it looks its really coming along...I do adore your color
    choices good job...I have about 22 full albums..I started with my firs
    husband so I have 6 for him..(he passed away ) the i have every
    occassion for the last 13 years ..but inthe last two years Ive made 2
    albums for me...I have a scrap room it s perfect for well my
    friend hope to see you in november...

  6. Thats amazing, Gloria! 22 albums is no small feat...would love to see
    what youve done in them...I read your blog every day you are so very
    creative! I hope, too, to see you in November! Kirsten

  7. •how many scrapbooks do you have?
    I have about 15, plus more that are empty.
    •how do you store them?
    Most of them are on a bookshelf in my bedroom, and some are in my scrap
    •how do you store negatives?
    No negatives, all digital for me:)
    •what's your scrapbooking goal for the summer?
    To in general get more LO's done. I'm not a chronological scrapper, so I
    don't care what photos get done, I just want more done:)
    •get a bonus entry for linking to a photo of your craft space (you can
    email it to me, too)
    No pic this time, but I did just move to my very own room:)
    •get another bonus entry for showing me your very own scrapbook
    project (leave me a link or email me the photo)
    I have tons of scrapbook LO's and cards on my blog:
    Your shelves look fantastic and I love that chandelier!