Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things I love in Flagstaff

I've lived in Flagstaff for a really long time...since I was 7...and
there are certainly some things & places that I have come to love in
our tiny little mountain town.  Each Thursday I'll post something
new for you to see or try.  I highly encourage you to leave
comments of some of your Flagstaff favorites!  And this is just my
opinion...nobody's telling me what to pick or what to write & I'm a
pretty opinionated girl.  But hey, I'm open to suggestions! 

Let's start with my favorite coffee joint...White Dove Coffee.


They're located at 2211 E. 7th Avenue, which is near the
corner of 4th Street & 7th Avenue.  They're open Monday
thru Saturday 6:30 am to 7 pm, although Steve said they're contemplating
closing at 6 pm in the summer. 

What do I love about White Dove?  Well, they make
a great cup of coffee for a great price.  My double shot
medium non-fat latte was just $3.25 including tax this morning. 
And let me say, Chris & Steve make a nice cup of coffee (and they're
super friendly!)!  They also sell divine pastries that
unfortunately, in my gluten intolerant state, I cannot eat.  But
they make me want to risk the consequences, that's for sure! 

Have you been there?  Have you tried it?  What are your
thoughts?  Audra & I fondly refer to this as Coffee & a
Prayer & we frequently forget it's proper name.  We quite enjoy
it & hey, supporting a local Flagstaff business is a good thing,


  1. I've never been ~ do they have hazelnut coffee? (because you know that's
    all I drink still ;-) ) If they do, I'll have to try it... I'm all
    about supporting local businesses!

  2. Message
    question...I have no idea if they have hazelnut coffee. I guess well
    to check on that :)

  3. One of my favorites too Kirsten! Best cup in town . . .
    Renae - just go in a ask - if Steve doesn't have it, he will get it for
    the next time that you are in.
    They are also expanding their smoothie selections - great for summer!