Friday, May 21, 2010

Self Portrait Fridays

What did you do today?  That's the self portrait
"assignment".  Me?  I went to physical therapy & then
grabbed a quick breakfast at Brandy's & planned out my day...

Not terribly exciting.  But I'm sure the other diners were
wondering why I was taking photos of myself.  I took quite a
few...and finally decided I didn't need my face in the photo...this
tells exactly what I was doing.

Funny thing is, I had a whole other thing I wanted to do for my
photo...I tried to take a self portrait while I was driving (I was being
safe, I swear) but when I looked at the results I just looked mad
Very mad actually.  And I'm not mad today...quite the
contrary!  I'm in a great mood!  Now I'm pondering if I always
look mad...I sure hope not....just remember, I'm smiling on the, or smiling with my eyes, yeah, that's it!  Holy crap
though!  I've got to work on that!  (Please don't all chime in
about how I look mad all the won't'll just make me
feel worse...please).

Have a beautiful weekend!  Take some happy photos :)

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