Monday, May 10, 2010


I'm not sure why, but I'm on a painting kick at my house.  Ok, I
should say I'm on a picking out paint husband is actually
doing all the painting.  It started last June.  We painted the
outside of my house:


My husband & daughter took a friend to Knotts Berry Farm & came back to a newly painted kitchen wall:


that color so much, I painted my hall the same color.  Then we
took a break for a few months...and in November I was back at it...


took a break & then a few weeks ago started up again (I cannot tell
you what is causing this urge to repaint...but it strong & cannot
be ignored!)


is my family room.  We took it from dirty white to tan.  It's
taken me a few weeks to decide if I like it.  Not a single thing
is back up on the might get repainted...shhhh...don't tell



kitty's bathroom/laundry room went from white to Martha Stewart the color but it made a once really bright room a little
too dark.  We'll see what it looks like when the trim is painted
& up.  The color really is beautiful!


my bedroom.  The walls were blue & now they're going to be Spa
green.  Much lighter.  I love this new lighter & fresher
color!  And it matches this itty bitty part of my bed spread. 
Important, I know.  And it needed to match this photo that I won
on this website:


I think it will look stunning!  Thank you, Elizabeth!

have better photos soon...but right this moment I am doing a happy
dance because my husband moved my dresser & found my very favorite
Prana yoga pants that have been lost for probably 5 years!  Yes,
I've cleaned out my dresser many times in five years...but I haven't
moved it.  Wooo hoo!  Let's hope they still fit!

So at the moment, my house is a little ADD.  But you know, it's starting to feel very homey
Only took 14 years :)  But don't be surprised at all if I repaint
the bathroom & family room again.  It wasn't instant love like
my bedroom...and that's a bad sign.  My poor husband...good thing
he's such a good sport!


  1. Inspiring - to paint and to move things! When I saw the title, I thought
    you were painting pictures, but then saw the house. (We have the same
    upholstery on our sofas.) Have a great Monday!

  2. Hmm - after 5 years, the gloried Prana pants return. Good thing too -
    since it appears they are not made any longer. I tried several times
    over the last years to replace them for you.

  3. How cool that you won that photo from Elizabeth - and that you are
    paining the bedroom to match!! I have a light green bedroom and love it -
    always feels fresh and calming. Oh - and I love seeing those Kelly Rae
    pieces on your walls!

  4. Hey! Did I not know you had a blog? I saw it listed on Patty's blog ..
    You really did paint! Ok .. you may have inspired me. I really want to
    paint my spare room (I am thinking yellow) and it seems like so much
    work. I'll spend some time telling myself that it's just one room .. and
    see if that works.
    I'm glad you like the photo!