Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Flagstaff favorite


have to say, we have an awesome trail system here in Flagstaff. 
This sign happens to be one I've passed many, many times.  Last
summer, Audra, Don & I hopped on our bikes and rode somewhere around
24 miles just on the urban trail.  We went from Foxglenn Park all
the way to Ft. Tuthill Fairgrounds and back.  It was an AWESOME
ride!  The trails are well maintained, clean & wide. 
They're great for hiking, jogging or riding your bike.  They're pet
friendly...but hey, please keep your dog on a leash & pick up their
poop.  And you can see all sorts of wild life.  Why just last
week I found a deer leg...not attached to it's owner.  And prairie
dogs galore...maybe even a coyote or two.  When you go early in
the morning elk & deer are everywhere. 

The view can be spectacular...


And sometimes you find messages from Mother Nature...

(it's a heart, that just naturally occurred...)

love the urban trail so much that a couple times a year we do our own
"community service" and spend an hour or two picking up trash.  It
surprises me what people just throw on the ground...

So maybe this next weekend, you can take a walk down our urban won't be sorry!  You can find a map of our urban trail system here.

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  1. i miss those trails. and flagstaff. and you.