Friday, May 28, 2010

Me, today.


Today I am...

  • a little tired...I stayed up WAY past my bedtime, reading a book that makes me blush

  • excited about Midnight Madness tonight & the All Day Crop tomorrow!

  • wondering if I'll be able to get up at 4:45 am for my walk tomorrow

  • disappointed that I may not be done with physical therapy yet

  • going to make several class samples for June...maybe July, too

  • wishing I were at home, finishing up that book that makes me blush

  • ravenously hungry for no apparent reason

  • hoping to see lots of Stamp, Paper, Scissors Craft Hoppers this weekend!

  • wondering what to get two boys who are graduating high school & one little boy who just turned on

What are YOU today?  Happy, sad, excited?  Ready for the weekend?


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Flagstaff favorite


have to say, we have an awesome trail system here in Flagstaff. 
This sign happens to be one I've passed many, many times.  Last
summer, Audra, Don & I hopped on our bikes and rode somewhere around
24 miles just on the urban trail.  We went from Foxglenn Park all
the way to Ft. Tuthill Fairgrounds and back.  It was an AWESOME
ride!  The trails are well maintained, clean & wide. 
They're great for hiking, jogging or riding your bike.  They're pet
friendly...but hey, please keep your dog on a leash & pick up their
poop.  And you can see all sorts of wild life.  Why just last
week I found a deer leg...not attached to it's owner.  And prairie
dogs galore...maybe even a coyote or two.  When you go early in
the morning elk & deer are everywhere. 

The view can be spectacular...


And sometimes you find messages from Mother Nature...

(it's a heart, that just naturally occurred...)

love the urban trail so much that a couple times a year we do our own
"community service" and spend an hour or two picking up trash.  It
surprises me what people just throw on the ground...

So maybe this next weekend, you can take a walk down our urban won't be sorry!  You can find a map of our urban trail system here.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What have I done?

Lately, I've been on a paint every room in the house and get rid of
stuff we don't need kick.  I don't know what's overcome me. 
But the urge is strong.  You'd think that first I'd purge, then I'd
clean & then I'd paint.  Oh, no.  Let's do it all
backwards!  Let your husband paint, which means he moves everything
into your craft room (covered in inches of dust, I might add). 
Let the stuff sit around the house long enough that really, you just
want it all gone.  Couple that with the "my daughter will be going
off to college in 3 years, maybe I should save this stuff" mentality
& what you have is a mighty huge problem.  Which just instantly
made me think of this song...


I took Saturday off from work for the sole purpose of cleaning my
bathroom.  I know, I had to miss work to clean my bathroom...but
really, it was the only way it was going to get done.  It took 2
hours for me to scrub it down.  I removed everything from it that
wasn't bolted to the floor or the walls.  Then I was on a
roll!  I cleaned out the guest room....our thing you
know, it's 5 hours later & there's a pile of things I have no idea
what to do with sitting in the middle of the living room floor. 
Even Kendall got into it & kinda cleaned her room. 
She purged all the clothes & shoes (gasp!) that she no longer wants
to wear.  It too, was added to the pile in the living room:

The photo looks better than the actual mess.  I took a couple of
bags of clothes & shoes to our friend MacKenzie, which helped. 
And if anyone is in need of dvd storage, I have those two wooden racks
& the two wire racks that I'm selling.  Maybe I'll put them on
Craig's List...

My craft room took the bulk of the overflow of stuff.  So much
so that I couldn't even walk into it.  I knew I wanted a new
storage unit for my scrapbooks...the shelf I had from Target just
couldn't bear the weight of all those scrapbooks.  Since this photo
was taken, the shelves really bowed from the weight.


I ended up with the Expedit unit from IKEA (for $99...what a bargain!) but after I got my stuff in it, I wish that I would have gotten the next size bigger.

already full.  40 scrapbooks.  And frankly I have more. 
See those boxes on the side? Both sides, actually.  Yeah, I have
lots more!  Luckily my husband says we can fit another unit of the
same size right next to it.  I may have to make a quick trip to's going to drive me nuts!  2nd row from the top, 1st
& 2nd cube holds the boxes that I was planning to "hide" stuff
in.  There's no room for, another unit it is!

(the cleanest it's been in at least a month...and look Audra, I got the IKEA chandelier that I've been begging for!  Hey, for $40, it was worth a few eye rolls!  And I really liked this one, too, but he couldn't be swayed...)

How many scrapbooks do you have?  All of those albums with the
linen covers are filled with photo pages & combined with scrapbook
pages.  Can you imagine if I had said I scrapbooked all
those?  I'd be lynched!  But no, I am totally enamored with We
R Memory Keepers horizontal 4x6 photo pages & these albums prove
that.  (If you're wondering what I'm talking about you can read about the whole Scrapbook Project here.)

And what do you do with negatives?  I had been putting them in
binders, but when was the last time I used a negative to print a
photo?  Do I really need them?  That's my problem lately, do I really need it in my house?

Let's have a giveaway today!  Leave me a comment by midnight on May 31st that tells me:

  • how many scrapbooks do you have?

  • how do you store them?

  • how do you store negatives?

  • what's your scrapbooking goal for the summer?

  • get a bonus entry for linking to a photo of your craft space (you can email it to me, too)

  • get another bonus entry for showing me your very own scrapbook project (leave me a link or email me the photo)

winners will be randomly chosen & will receive a pack of We R Memory
Keepers 4x6 horizontal page protectors (my favorite!).  Winners
will be posted on Monday, June 1st.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Self Portrait Fridays

What did you do today?  That's the self portrait
"assignment".  Me?  I went to physical therapy & then
grabbed a quick breakfast at Brandy's & planned out my day...

Not terribly exciting.  But I'm sure the other diners were
wondering why I was taking photos of myself.  I took quite a
few...and finally decided I didn't need my face in the photo...this
tells exactly what I was doing.

Funny thing is, I had a whole other thing I wanted to do for my
photo...I tried to take a self portrait while I was driving (I was being
safe, I swear) but when I looked at the results I just looked mad
Very mad actually.  And I'm not mad today...quite the
contrary!  I'm in a great mood!  Now I'm pondering if I always
look mad...I sure hope not....just remember, I'm smiling on the, or smiling with my eyes, yeah, that's it!  Holy crap
though!  I've got to work on that!  (Please don't all chime in
about how I look mad all the won't'll just make me
feel worse...please).

Have a beautiful weekend!  Take some happy photos :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Things I love in Flagstaff

I've lived in Flagstaff for a really long time...since I was 7...and
there are certainly some things & places that I have come to love in
our tiny little mountain town.  Each Thursday I'll post something
new for you to see or try.  I highly encourage you to leave
comments of some of your Flagstaff favorites!  And this is just my
opinion...nobody's telling me what to pick or what to write & I'm a
pretty opinionated girl.  But hey, I'm open to suggestions! 

Let's start with my favorite coffee joint...White Dove Coffee.


They're located at 2211 E. 7th Avenue, which is near the
corner of 4th Street & 7th Avenue.  They're open Monday
thru Saturday 6:30 am to 7 pm, although Steve said they're contemplating
closing at 6 pm in the summer. 

What do I love about White Dove?  Well, they make
a great cup of coffee for a great price.  My double shot
medium non-fat latte was just $3.25 including tax this morning. 
And let me say, Chris & Steve make a nice cup of coffee (and they're
super friendly!)!  They also sell divine pastries that
unfortunately, in my gluten intolerant state, I cannot eat.  But
they make me want to risk the consequences, that's for sure! 

Have you been there?  Have you tried it?  What are your
thoughts?  Audra & I fondly refer to this as Coffee & a
Prayer & we frequently forget it's proper name.  We quite enjoy
it & hey, supporting a local Flagstaff business is a good thing,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A little R&R

My husband & I actually took some time off & went to the
Valley for a couple of days.  It was amazing!  Heather helped
me find a nice hotel (Fairmont Scottsdale) on Hotwire for dirt cheap
(thanks, Heather!) and we just ran errands & hung out.  IKEA
(now isn't that store just awesome?), Whole Foods (over priced but
yummy!), Trader Joes (wish we'd get one!), and we saw Ironman 2...which
we loved!  But the best part was that I got to see my friend
Heather, who I hadn't seen in a few years, I'm ashamed to say.  We
spent 2 hours at Sunday brunch with our husbands & it felt like we
hadn't missed a beat.  Heather & I worked together for almost 8
years at the doctors office that was from my previous life.  Wish I
would have gotten a photo with her...barely remembered to get one of
Don & I & we're not even in the same photo.


That was a good book...Susan Elizabeth Phillips What I did for Love.


He's so handsome...

I had some realizations...things in the back of my mind for a long, long time that I need to pay attention to.

  • My husband & I need to have more date nights.  It was fun
    to get away.  We sat at Pei Wei one night & didn't say two
    words to each other.  And it was completely comfortable.  (We
    talked plenty over the weekend). 

  • I need to not work so much.  I love what I do, but it can consume my life.

  • I need to try harder with my friends.  It's tough when you work
    so much...but you know, it's important.  Life is not all about

  • That the universe doesn't stop when I unplug.

  • That my husband truly is the love of my life.

  • I don't have to take photos of everything, all the time.  We
    had a perfectly beautiful weekend & these are about the only photos I
    have.  Well, I did take photos of the bunnies at the hotel...bad
    photos...but the baby bunnies were so cute!


I may amend this list, but right now I have a 15 year old hollering at me to get in the shower...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Self Portrait Fridays

I have a fun challenge for you:  take a self portrait of your
shadow!  It's kinda fun...and I really like how mine turned out:

I even got Mia's shadow in this one.  Very fun!  I just held
my camera down at my side & clicked away.  I probably took 60
photos, but with digital it's easy to delete the ones you don't
want.  And the more you take, the more likely you are to get some
pretty fabulous ones!  It's funny, but I didn't even know how cool
this was until just now...I had another one picked out...

and then I saw that little dog shadow...which is so cool it makes up for the fact that I look like a chicken.

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

You've got to be kidding me...

I thought pedestrians were fair game...especially ones in a crosswalk
in front of an elementary school (being sarcastic here).  Hell,
even Kendall (who just got her permit knows) pedestrians always have
the right of way.  Yet there's a sign on every corner at this
intersection...really, people?  You need a sign so you won't run
someone in a crosswalk over?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Up movie poster Carl

saw UP for the first time on Mother's Day.  I was prepared for a
happy & fun Pixar movie.  What I got was a whole lotta
tears.  That movie made me soooo sad.  It has a great story
& ends great but the whole "I promised my wife we'd travel to
paradise & never got to take her there" just broke my heart. 

of the things I loved about it was the scrapbook that Ellie had kept of
their childhood & future adventures.  That scrapbook was
rather prominent in the whole movie.  And it was interesting to me
that looking at photos made Carl so sad...until he realized the
treasures that were in the book.  I won't spoil it for you
(although I'm probably the last girl on the planet who had not seen this
movie yet)...but those treasures made everything worthwhile to

Kinda like our own scrapbooks.  Some of you have
commented that no one's ever going to see them or appreciate them, but I
beg to differ.  People will cherish them.  They will mean
something.  They will bring comfort to someone.  So keep
putting your memories down onto paper.  

Now my favorite part of the movie was Kevin & the little boy.


Kevin is the bird...and Kevin is a girl.  They made me laugh out loud!

Monday, May 10, 2010


I'm not sure why, but I'm on a painting kick at my house.  Ok, I
should say I'm on a picking out paint husband is actually
doing all the painting.  It started last June.  We painted the
outside of my house:


My husband & daughter took a friend to Knotts Berry Farm & came back to a newly painted kitchen wall:


that color so much, I painted my hall the same color.  Then we
took a break for a few months...and in November I was back at it...


took a break & then a few weeks ago started up again (I cannot tell
you what is causing this urge to repaint...but it strong & cannot
be ignored!)


is my family room.  We took it from dirty white to tan.  It's
taken me a few weeks to decide if I like it.  Not a single thing
is back up on the might get repainted...shhhh...don't tell



kitty's bathroom/laundry room went from white to Martha Stewart the color but it made a once really bright room a little
too dark.  We'll see what it looks like when the trim is painted
& up.  The color really is beautiful!


my bedroom.  The walls were blue & now they're going to be Spa
green.  Much lighter.  I love this new lighter & fresher
color!  And it matches this itty bitty part of my bed spread. 
Important, I know.  And it needed to match this photo that I won
on this website:


I think it will look stunning!  Thank you, Elizabeth!

have better photos soon...but right this moment I am doing a happy
dance because my husband moved my dresser & found my very favorite
Prana yoga pants that have been lost for probably 5 years!  Yes,
I've cleaned out my dresser many times in five years...but I haven't
moved it.  Wooo hoo!  Let's hope they still fit!

So at the moment, my house is a little ADD.  But you know, it's starting to feel very homey
Only took 14 years :)  But don't be surprised at all if I repaint
the bathroom & family room again.  It wasn't instant love like
my bedroom...and that's a bad sign.  My poor husband...good thing
he's such a good sport!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My First Walk... 10 weeks, 5 days.  That would be the day I broke my
foot.  My doctor said I could start out slow...which I took to
mean, "go ahead & walk your normal 5 mile hike the first day
out!".  Good thing I didn't listen to my own interpertation (which
was completely wrong, by the way...she clarified a few minutes later
with "a short walk around your neighborhood or urban trail...10 minutes
at a time").  Good thing I started out slow.  What I should
have done was left Maggie at home. 


Let me back up a bit.  We got our dog Maggie 3 years
that I think about it, it might be 4 years ago.  She
came from Second Chance Center for Animals,
where she had been given a reprieve from the death penalty at her
former shelter.  I think she was around 10 months old.  And
she was a sad, sad looking dog.  She was so terrified of people
that she slinked around the walls of the shelter on her belly &
wouldn't make eye contact with you.  And me, lover of all pathetic
animals, actually thought she was too pathetic to take home (you'll have
to ask Don about my pathetic animal addiction...ask him about
to say she was almost too pathetic is saying something).  
Anyway, we had brought Mia (our Westie) to introduce her to
whatever new dog we were bringing home & they put you in this
garage with your potential choices & your dog so you
can see how they interact.  (Mia has a tendancy towards making
dogs want to eat's sad, but true).  So
here's Maggie, so terrified to be there she's peeing herself &
this other dog who peed on Mia's head...we were torn between who to
adopt & the shelter people told us to give Maggie a we
did.  And she's a freak.

I say she's a freak in the most loving of ways.  Apparantly, in
her 10 months of life, she's spent 4 months in a shelter & 6
months suffering unberable torture.  We don't know exactly what
happened to her, but when we brought her home & she finally sucummed
to being petted, I found a thick piece of twine stitched & knotted
in her side.  So in my book, she was tortured.  And because of
her rough beginning, if you yell at her, talk to her sternly or look at
her, she freaks out & completely shuts down.  She hides. 
She won't look at you.  Makes it really hard to train her. 

So the whole point of telling you this is that because of Maggies
unknown background, she's a freak on a leash.  A complete &
utter freak.  I usually walk her using her easy walker harness


which frankly, is the best thing on this planet!  Without it she
tries to rip my arm out with her pulling.  Well, today, I
forgot it.  See, we had to get Kendall to school & the dogs
over to grandma daycare (Don's working odd hours this week & the
dogs bark too much).  We were late as usual & I decided at the
last minute to take my first walk with them at Buffalo Park.  Oh,
the lessons we've forgotten....never, ever walk Maggie without her
harness again.  Never.  I think my arms might just be longer
today for all the pulling she did.  And what's worse, when she
pulls & sees people, she pulls & looks over her shoulder. 
Which one of these days is going to cause me to break something. 
(She had nothing to do with me breaking my foot...that was sheer

So.  We walked one mile.  In the gale force winds. 
The little dogs (for some reason that's how we refer to them now) were
excellent.  And Maggie, well, grrrrr......but it felt good to be
outside.  It felt good to walk again.  And Maggie & I will
get our groove back.  I mean, come on, I've walked her almost
every single day since she came to live with use & for 10 weeks
& 5 days she got maybe 5 walks (don't even get me started on that...grrr...).  We'll get it back.  I'm certain.

And just because they're so cute & they were so dang good today, here are Mia & Ori, our little dogs:


I shaved them naked a few weeks ago.  And I didn't do such a great job, which makes them all the cuter.