Thursday, April 15, 2010

Self Portrait Fridays

Photo 54
Photo Booth on my computer for these...first thing in the
morning...before coffee kicked in & I didn't even brush my
hair...maybe I should plan a little better...haha!)

100 things about me today:

001. Real Name: Kirsten (not Kristen, Kristin, Kersten, etc)
002. Nickname(s): none (well, my husband calls me sweetie)
Age: 42
004. Horoscope: Cancer
005. Male or Female: Female
Elementary: too many to list
007. Middle School: Flagstaff Junior High
008. High School: Flagstaff High School
009. College:
Northern Arizona University
010. Hair color: depends on the day, but today, it's brown
011. Long or Short: short
Loud or Quiet: quiet
013. Sweats or Jeans: sweats
Phone or Camera: camera, but I'm on the phone a lot
015. Health
Freak: sometimes
016. Drink or Smoke: occasional cocktails...never smoked
017. Do you have a crush on someone:
my hubby
018. Eat or Drink: food, lots of food
Piercings: just my ears
020. Tattoos: a dolphin
021. Social or
Anti-Social: tend to be anti-social (shocking, I know!)
022. Righty or lefty: Righty
First piercing: ears (by Sherrine, with a needle & a potato)
024. First relationship: 5th grade, Mike Hanley
025. First Best Friend: Audra
026. First Award: for a drawing in 5th grade called "The Cleaner Picker Upper"
027. First Kiss: Todd (in front of the ice rink)
First Pet: so, Sassy?
029. First Big
Vacation: I totally don't remember
030. First Love at first sight: my husband, seriously
031. First Big Birthday: aren't they all big birthdays?  I love birthdays!
First Surgery: Kendall
033. First sport you joined: softball...and we sucked.  Our only game we won was by forfeit
Photo 56

or That
034. Orange or apple juice: Orange
035. Rock or
rap: Rock
036. Country or metal: I'm a headbanger at heart, but I also like country
Salty or sweet: Salty, then sweet
038. Coffee or tea: both
Night or day: night
040. Sun or moon: Sun
041. TV or Internet:
Internet (you can watch tv on the internet!)
042. Playstation or Xbox: neither...I hate video games
043. Kiss or hug: both
Pepsi or Coke: don't drink much soda
045. Wine or beer: Corona (even if I can't drink it)
046. Fall or spring: Hey, where's summer on that list?
047. Limewire or iTunes: iTunes
048. Early
or late: I hate being late, but seem to be more often than not
049. Troublemaker or Peacemaker:
050. Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive

Photo 52

Eating: no, but thinking about it
052. Drinking: coffee
Excitement level: moderate...hey, it's 6:15 am!
054. IĆ¢€™m about to: go to physical therapy
Listening to: Fox News (my husband's choice)
056. Plan for today: work & I'm excited for that!  Lots of custom orders today!  Woo Hoo!
057. Waiting for: my new shoes & two business books to arrive
Wearing: my pj's
059. Wearing
glasses or contacts: glasses
060. Perfume/cologne: when I wear it, Jean Paul Gaultier
Thinking of someone: Rick, my friend in New York
062. Want kids?: have one
Want to get married?: been happily married since 1991
064. When?: September 21, 1991
How many kids do you want: One is plenty
066. Any names on the mind:
Kendall's name was going to be Chelsea (we picked it on our honeymoon)
but then Clinton became president & I figured everyone would name
their kids Chelsea, so we picked another name.
067. What did you want to be when you were
little: a forensic pathologist
068. Career: self employed
069. Mellow future or wild: mellow
070. Something
you would never try: bungee jumping
071. Something you want
to try: surfing
072. Kissed a
stranger: yes...I'm sure somewhere in my past
073. Broken a bone: recently broke my foot
Ran away from home: nope
075. Been
in a car accident: no, knock on wood!
076. Lived in a
different state: nope
077. Traveled out of the country: mexico
078. Last time you
traveled out of town: went to Las Vegas during spring break
079. Related to
anyone famous: not that I'm aware of
080. Resemble anyone famous: no

Photo 57

Favorite color: blue
082. Favorite movie:  Late For Dinner
083. Favorite book:  A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux
Favorite style of music: all kinds, but alternative rock seems to be my favorite right now
085. Favorite band:
Gin Blossoms...but I don't really have a favorite
Favorite TV show: Bones
087. Favorite
store: About Memories & More, of course!
Favorite magazine:  People
089: Favorite hobby:  more than one:  scrapbooking, crafts, reading, hiking, hanging out with my family
Favorite cuisine: Mexican (breakfast, lunch & dinner!)
Photo 59

Do you believe in
Yourself: usually
092. Miracles: yes
093. Angels: yes
Love at first sight: absolutely
095. Heaven: yes
096. Santa
Claus: of course!  He lives with me :)
097. Tooth Fairy: you bet!
Ghosts: uh, yeah

Photo 61

Answer Truthfully
099. Do you love your life?: Oh my goodness, YES!
100. Did you find this entertaining?:  Why yes, yes I did!

was fun!  I loved using Photo Booth!  (will have to clean up
the family room next time!) And the questionnaire was fun, too. 
This will make a great page, don't you think?  Just copy &
paste the questions into your own blog or Word, answer, print & add
photos.  I'm certain you'll see this soon.  Won't you play
along with me?


  1. Kirsten,
    you just made me smile......I love that you love my brother so much.:)

  2. Funny! Love the pics!

  3. I believe Mia resembles the famous Ralph Lauren Dog Models! GREAT
    pictures! Easily one of my favorite projects to date - self portrait