Friday, April 9, 2010

Self Portrait Fridays

Anytime a human lies down on the couch in my craft room all the animals
in the house want to join you.  Which I don't mind.  They're
toastly little things...


Little known fact:  that afgan in the back was made by Betty
Groom for my husband.  Kendall has one just like it, but in purple
& white.  It's my favorite blanket in the house.

 I did get some great shots of my cat, Frisco while we were hanging out on the couch...


A little known fact about Frisco...he's named after "Frisco Potatoes"
at Chili's.  We just couldn't come up with a name &
happened to be at Chili's & wahlah, there was his name!


He has a way of looking at you that makes you feel just a little out of your league...


My favorite thing in my craft room is this photo mosaic.  I
tried all sorts of adhesives to get the photos to stick to my
wall...glue dots (permanent...removeable...none of them worked)...and
finally ended up with Command Strips for Posters.  I just cut
them in 1/2 & put two on the back of
each photo.  Not a single photo has fallen off.  That
stuff is like magic!


And finally, my self portrait.  Notice, no big black boot on my
foot.  Yee haw!  (The book I'm reading is called The
Wishing Year and so far, it's pretty good.) 


  1. These are all great. I love that photo collage!

  2. I just love the pic of you with your babies! So glad you are healing
    and have lost your black boot!!

  3. Kirsten, I love your picture mosaic. I'm curious as to how big it is,
    how it's positioned on the wall, etc. Would you mind taking another
    picture of it and posting it?

  4. Message
    anything for you, allison :)

  5. we still have our betty groom blanket is solid olive green. and
    we fight over it constantly. rick thinks it's his and that betty made
    it for him. WHATEVER!

  6. I love your photo mosaic and the blue color of your walls. so bright
    and cheery.