Friday, April 30, 2010

Self Portrait Fridays

That's me.  Genuine.  Fits for today.  It's also me to have copious amounts of dog hair on my shirt.

Try this today:  set your camera on macro (that little flower on
the dial) and take some super close up shots of what you're
wearing...your glasses...your eyes...but make sure it's on macro or
it'll be a blurry mess.  Have some fun!  You'll be surprised
at what you see!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 Things About Me

I saw this on
& thought it would be fun...wanna play along?  (I changed a
few of the questions...just for fun!)  Answer the 10 question's
with photos and link to it in the comments of this post...we'd love to
see what your favorites are!

1. Favorite hobby? 

(image from this post at a blog I read religiously)

scrapbooking & paper crafting...seriously!

2. Favorite tv show?

my daughter is totally in love with Booth...and has now started
watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer re-runs so she can see him
younger...personally, i think he's better looking now.

3. Favorite restaurant food?

I could eat Mexican food morning, noon & night.

4. Favorite thing to shop for?

Etsy logo
Handmade & vintage things on

5. Favorite animal?

Shhhh...don't tell the other two...what's not to love about that little face?

6. Favorite scrapbook product?  October Afternoon Mini Market Stickers...actually, anything by October Afternoon makes me very, very happy!

Mini market stickers

7. Favorite word? one that shouldn't be repeated in polite company (nor in photos).

8. Recent favorite song?  This song just cracks me up!


(So I don't really care for rap. This song cracks me up because my 12
year old friend Nathan always greets me with "I'm AWESOME!" When we
heard this song, it just made us laugh hysterically! It's now Nathan's

9. Favorite movie?

Late for dinner
Love, love, love this movie!  You can find it here.

10. Favorite childhood memory?  Hanging out with Bill & Jody...they're AWESOME!

Bill & jody

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Self Portrait Fridays

Photo 54
Photo Booth on my computer for these...first thing in the
morning...before coffee kicked in & I didn't even brush my
hair...maybe I should plan a little better...haha!)

100 things about me today:

001. Real Name: Kirsten (not Kristen, Kristin, Kersten, etc)
002. Nickname(s): none (well, my husband calls me sweetie)
Age: 42
004. Horoscope: Cancer
005. Male or Female: Female
Elementary: too many to list
007. Middle School: Flagstaff Junior High
008. High School: Flagstaff High School
009. College:
Northern Arizona University
010. Hair color: depends on the day, but today, it's brown
011. Long or Short: short
Loud or Quiet: quiet
013. Sweats or Jeans: sweats
Phone or Camera: camera, but I'm on the phone a lot
015. Health
Freak: sometimes
016. Drink or Smoke: occasional cocktails...never smoked
017. Do you have a crush on someone:
my hubby
018. Eat or Drink: food, lots of food
Piercings: just my ears
020. Tattoos: a dolphin
021. Social or
Anti-Social: tend to be anti-social (shocking, I know!)
022. Righty or lefty: Righty
First piercing: ears (by Sherrine, with a needle & a potato)
024. First relationship: 5th grade, Mike Hanley
025. First Best Friend: Audra
026. First Award: for a drawing in 5th grade called "The Cleaner Picker Upper"
027. First Kiss: Todd (in front of the ice rink)
First Pet: so, Sassy?
029. First Big
Vacation: I totally don't remember
030. First Love at first sight: my husband, seriously
031. First Big Birthday: aren't they all big birthdays?  I love birthdays!
First Surgery: Kendall
033. First sport you joined: softball...and we sucked.  Our only game we won was by forfeit
Photo 56

or That
034. Orange or apple juice: Orange
035. Rock or
rap: Rock
036. Country or metal: I'm a headbanger at heart, but I also like country
Salty or sweet: Salty, then sweet
038. Coffee or tea: both
Night or day: night
040. Sun or moon: Sun
041. TV or Internet:
Internet (you can watch tv on the internet!)
042. Playstation or Xbox: neither...I hate video games
043. Kiss or hug: both
Pepsi or Coke: don't drink much soda
045. Wine or beer: Corona (even if I can't drink it)
046. Fall or spring: Hey, where's summer on that list?
047. Limewire or iTunes: iTunes
048. Early
or late: I hate being late, but seem to be more often than not
049. Troublemaker or Peacemaker:
050. Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive

Photo 52

Eating: no, but thinking about it
052. Drinking: coffee
Excitement level: moderate...hey, it's 6:15 am!
054. IĆ¢€™m about to: go to physical therapy
Listening to: Fox News (my husband's choice)
056. Plan for today: work & I'm excited for that!  Lots of custom orders today!  Woo Hoo!
057. Waiting for: my new shoes & two business books to arrive
Wearing: my pj's
059. Wearing
glasses or contacts: glasses
060. Perfume/cologne: when I wear it, Jean Paul Gaultier
Thinking of someone: Rick, my friend in New York
062. Want kids?: have one
Want to get married?: been happily married since 1991
064. When?: September 21, 1991
How many kids do you want: One is plenty
066. Any names on the mind:
Kendall's name was going to be Chelsea (we picked it on our honeymoon)
but then Clinton became president & I figured everyone would name
their kids Chelsea, so we picked another name.
067. What did you want to be when you were
little: a forensic pathologist
068. Career: self employed
069. Mellow future or wild: mellow
070. Something
you would never try: bungee jumping
071. Something you want
to try: surfing
072. Kissed a
stranger: yes...I'm sure somewhere in my past
073. Broken a bone: recently broke my foot
Ran away from home: nope
075. Been
in a car accident: no, knock on wood!
076. Lived in a
different state: nope
077. Traveled out of the country: mexico
078. Last time you
traveled out of town: went to Las Vegas during spring break
079. Related to
anyone famous: not that I'm aware of
080. Resemble anyone famous: no

Photo 57

Favorite color: blue
082. Favorite movie:  Late For Dinner
083. Favorite book:  A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux
Favorite style of music: all kinds, but alternative rock seems to be my favorite right now
085. Favorite band:
Gin Blossoms...but I don't really have a favorite
Favorite TV show: Bones
087. Favorite
store: About Memories & More, of course!
Favorite magazine:  People
089: Favorite hobby:  more than one:  scrapbooking, crafts, reading, hiking, hanging out with my family
Favorite cuisine: Mexican (breakfast, lunch & dinner!)
Photo 59

Do you believe in
Yourself: usually
092. Miracles: yes
093. Angels: yes
Love at first sight: absolutely
095. Heaven: yes
096. Santa
Claus: of course!  He lives with me :)
097. Tooth Fairy: you bet!
Ghosts: uh, yeah

Photo 61

Answer Truthfully
099. Do you love your life?: Oh my goodness, YES!
100. Did you find this entertaining?:  Why yes, yes I did!

was fun!  I loved using Photo Booth!  (will have to clean up
the family room next time!) And the questionnaire was fun, too. 
This will make a great page, don't you think?  Just copy &
paste the questions into your own blog or Word, answer, print & add
photos.  I'm certain you'll see this soon.  Won't you play
along with me?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Self Portrait Fridays

Anytime a human lies down on the couch in my craft room all the animals
in the house want to join you.  Which I don't mind.  They're
toastly little things...


Little known fact:  that afgan in the back was made by Betty
Groom for my husband.  Kendall has one just like it, but in purple
& white.  It's my favorite blanket in the house.

 I did get some great shots of my cat, Frisco while we were hanging out on the couch...


A little known fact about Frisco...he's named after "Frisco Potatoes"
at Chili's.  We just couldn't come up with a name &
happened to be at Chili's & wahlah, there was his name!


He has a way of looking at you that makes you feel just a little out of your league...


My favorite thing in my craft room is this photo mosaic.  I
tried all sorts of adhesives to get the photos to stick to my
wall...glue dots (permanent...removeable...none of them worked)...and
finally ended up with Command Strips for Posters.  I just cut
them in 1/2 & put two on the back of
each photo.  Not a single photo has fallen off.  That
stuff is like magic!


And finally, my self portrait.  Notice, no big black boot on my
foot.  Yee haw!  (The book I'm reading is called The
Wishing Year and so far, it's pretty good.)