Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why I scrapbook.

I love photos.  Plain & simple.  If my house were on
fire, I'd grab my family, my dogs, my cat & my photos.  The
rest can be replaced.

Every once in a while it's good to talk about why we scrapbook. 
To remind ourselves, that yes, it is in fact, important.  I have
to admit, I have a horrible memory.  I remember all sorts
of unimportant things...but I've forgotten the little things that
make up our lives.  Not all of them...but enough of them
that I sometimes feel like I'm missing a big chunk of my
life.  What I've found with scrapbooking, is that I can document
the little moments.  The big moments.  The things I might
forget.  The things my family might forget.  I want my
daughter to look back at the books & remember her
life.  Again, it's the little things.  Take this blue
Christmas tree, for instance.

enjoy Christmas lights as much as the next person.  Usually
in multi colors.  But every year since 2000, when a co worker of my
husband's was killed, we light a tree in our yard with blue lights in
his honor.  Now don't you think that's a story to be told? 

And these
two girls, Leah & MacKenzie, have become part of our
family.  This sledding trip was a blast & the kids have
such great memories of it...well, for now.  This was a couple years
ago, and frankly, memories fade. 

 Families grow...

Loved ones pass on...

Obsessions are born...

Trips are taken...

Celebrities are met....

History is made...

I don't want to forget a single moment.  So I scrapbook.

Before you start thinking "who has time to scrapbook?!", let me tell you, I do not scrapbook every photo I take.   I do print them, however.  And they go into photo sleeves, right in my scrapbooks. `Yes, I mix scrapbook pages & photo sleeves.  Love it, too!  (You can read all about my Scrapbook Project & how I got caught up here
It's not overwhelming, it's not hard.  Promise.)  And here's
another thing, I mostly scrapbook single page layouts.  All those 30/30 Project pages and Page of the Week Projects
They go into my scrapbook.  I just pick a few photos from an event
& scrapbook those.  Honestly, you can even scrapbook in the
4x6 photo sleeves.  Mindy has done some excellent pages this
way.  (Hey, Mindy, bring those pages to the All Day Crop so we can
show 'em off!)

One more thing, my 15 year old (ok, 15 and a half year old)
has been looking through our scrapbooks a lot.  She's never taken
an interest in it...until I got all those photos in albums.  Notice
I didn't say I got all those photos scrapbooked.  I got them in
albums.  And she loves it!  A few months ago, I "caught" she
and her dad reminiscing over our trip to Washington, DC.  It was to
visit the Law Enforcement Memorial & they flipped through every
page of that scrapbook.  She was 6 when we went on the trip &
remembers very little.  So she & her dad cuddled up & went
through it.  And at the end, she was sobbing.  So yeah,
scrapbooking is important.  So very important.

Now I want to hear from you.  Why do you scrapbook?  Why don't
you scrapbook?  What do you do with your photos?  Do you
print them?  Are they living on your computer?  I think each
& every one of us could learn a thing or two from your
comments.  So please, don't be shy.  Make a comment. 
Link to your own blog where you discuss this topic.  I want to see
what you're thinking.  Seriously.


  1. Kirsten
    Remind me not to read your blog at work... now i need a tissue!! thanks
    for the reminder on why i scrapbook... visiting soon i promise

  2. Great post. I've been thinking about this topic recently after the death
    of my husband's grandma. I need to make more time to write down
    memories to go with the photos, even if there isn't time to "scrap" them
    right now. And to write down stories from our parents and grandparents
    and our own lives, because once a person, their stories are gone too, if
    not recorded somewhere.

  3. Wow, what a great post! I suppose I scrapbook for exactly the same
    reasons and also for the love of doing something creative. However, I
    hadn't actually managed to put it in words so succinctly. Thank you for
    saying exactly what I wanted to but didn't know how.

  4. An excellent post Kirsten! Working on getting my photos into sleeves
    and into albums because everyone knows, I don't scrapbook, simply
    collect the supplies.