Monday, March 22, 2010

What's in your bag?

My friend Rachel
tagged me in a "what's in your bag?" challenge.  Immediately, I
thought, "holy cow, I'd better clean it out first!"  But it wasn't
so bad...


So here's my purse...the keeper of too much crap.  I have a confession to make...I hate
to spend money on purses.  $20 is about my limit.  But this
one I splurged on when the boot store in the space we occupy
now was going out of business.  I had to have it. 
And I spent almost 5 times my maximum...totally freaks me out when I
think about it.  Purses just aren't my thing. (I'd rather have
scrapbook supplies.)

some reason, I have a rabies tag in my purse.  Go figure. 
Not sure which of my 3 dogs it belongs to...but there it is. 
My keys.  Dental floss.  A thumb drive.  The
red wallet my sister in law gave me...she gave me the
wallet with the stripes, too.  A $2 bill that was given
to me by my mom ($2 bills are supposed to bring good luck).  Carmex
chapstick.  A grocery bag.  My phone.  My pass to
the Aquaplex (which, sadly, has not been used in over a month). 
And a Harkins popcorn bag (hey, they refill the larges for
never know when you'll end up at the movies).

So what's in your purse?  What does it say about you?  I
think I'll make a page about this...a fun concept, for
sure!  If you post this to your blog, send me a link so I
can see what's in your bag...inquiring minds want to know!


  1. that doesnt look like much in that bag. i would be afraid to show mine.
    love the red wallet. you have the same phone as me and i thought the
    free popcorn refill was supposed to be used on the same visit :)
    xoxo, judy

  2. cute purse! i am just nosey enough to love to see what's in others
    purses. :) will post mine tomorrow.

  3. TECHNICALLY, it's supposed to be on the same visit, Judy...but they
    don't seem to police it. And I have to admit, I tossed all the receipts
    & Kendall's gum wrappers before I took the photos. Really, who
    wants to see garbage? Suprised no one commented on the dog tag...

  4. i keep all of our old rabies baby shoes i guess?

  5. Me, too! I have rabies tags from dogs we had when I was a kid...I cant
    seem to part with them...

  6. Done. And it will make a great scrapbook page...just have to have the
    photos printed!

  7. LOL, there were 4 receipts, but I think that is why having a small purse
    works for me - I can't let too much accumulate in there or it starts
    falling out all over the place!
    Now if I were to show you pictures of the inside of my house. Ugh. I
    never wanted to replicate my mom, but...

  8. Message
    idea for another post! How messy is your house? Unfortunately,
    with having a broken foot for 5 weeks now, my house is pretty darn
    Actually, Im pretty sure we could start knitting sweaters out of the
    accumulating dog hair...gross, I know! But husbands daughters dont
    seem to see it....