Thursday, March 18, 2010

Self Portrait Fridays


My daughter actually took can see her reflected in the car. 

Ah, spring break...we took a much needed break & went to Las
Vegas for a couple of days.  Don, Kendall, our friend
MacKenzie & myself.  Yeah, we all fit in that teeny tiny
car!  Three miles outside of the Hoover Dam traffic came to a
dead stop.  No real reason...just a lot of traffic.  It took
well over an hour to cross the dam.  But we had some fun with
it.  The girls got out & walked along side the car...


That's them in the rearview mirror...trying to catch us.


and me....

The new bridge is coming along very nicely...


Looking at it gives me the willies...way down deep inside. 
Even looking at the photo creeps me out...I'm not a fan of heights.

What'd you do this week?



  1. Can't wait for that flyover the dam to be done! Watch for the bighorn
    sheep when you get stuck on the dam. Hope you had fun here!

  2. Good for you, taking a trip in your "handicapped" condition (I
    remembered this when I was trying to figure out what was up with those 2
    different feet sticking out of the car window!) Also, good that you
    went now before it starts topping 100 degrees every day. Looks like a
    fun time!!