Friday, March 12, 2010

Self Portrait Fridays


Taken this my usual place, the bathroom mirror at the
store.  Looks very similar to the first self portrait of the

First self portrait

At least I changed my clothes....and I lost a little weight...not that you can tell in these photos.

Let's do something fun today.  Along with your self portrait,
let's make a list of 10 things about yourself.  Things people know
or don't know...just the first 10 things that come to mind.  Here

1.  I can't stand baby carrots.  I like regular carrots,
but not baby ones (and yes, I realize that the baby ones are just cut
down big ones).  But something about them is just creepy...soggy,

2.  I love to do this blog.  And I'm addicted to
Facebook.   I check my email compulsively.  Actually, I
check it all compulsively.  Well, unless the computer is
downstairs, in which case, it's not worth risking crutches on stairs,
even for email.

3. I'm having to slow down.  It's hard, but you know what,
the world didn't stop.  Things still get done.  Just way
slower & with much less stress.  Maybe I should stay on
crutches forever...ok, scratch that.  Maybe the lessons I'm
learning on crutches should stick around, but the crutches, I'm so over

4.  I think I have the best mom ever.  I am very,
very lucky to have her!  I mean, really, who could spend every day
with their mom?  Well, except me.  Don't get me
wrong...we disagree & get into arguments all the time...but I love
her & I wouldn't change a thing.

5.  I hate to shower on Sundays.

6.  I've been addicted to paper & pens since I was a little
girl.  That's what I spent all my money on.  Things haven't

7.  When I was 11 or 12, actor Bob Crane was murdered & I
was obsessed with it.  So much so, I wrote a report on it &
wanted to be a forensic pathologist so I could solve
his murder.  Turns out, I didn't want to go to medical
school.  But I do have  a degree in Criminal Justice....I'm
married to a cop...and I watch crime shows all the time...does that

8.  I hate to ask for help.  I feel like I'm bothering the
person I'm asking...I fret over it forever before I finally ask.

9.  It drives me nuts that my husband & daughter seem
incapable of shutting cabinet doors.  This morning, for instance,
every cabinet door in the kitchen was open.  Why?  Why do they
do this to me?

10.  I am totally pissed about the new Verizon $10 "data" charge on new phones.  And
there's nothing I can do about it...I've been obsessed about it for
weeks.  I don't want my teenager on the internet on her
phone.  I know, I know.  Then take the phone away from
her.  Sigh.....and grrr....all at the same time.

Those were the first 10 things that came to mind today.  What about you?


  1. 1. I was born in Japan and had a dual citizenship until I was 18, but
    when I tell people, the typical response is "Gee that's funny, you don't
    look Japanese."
    2. I HATE brussel sprouts and liver. I mean a true dislike that is
    3. I love all the snow we have had and if it lasted another month, I
    wouldn't be sad about it.
    4. I used to be a competitive swimmer. I was lean and trim and athletic
    and strong. Then I had kids. You know the rest.
    5. I almost died when I had my first child. We decided not to have
    anymore after that, but 2 forms of failed simulataneous contraception
    and 14 months later, I had my daughter.
    6. My husband rocks! He drives me crazy sometimes but we are a great
    life-time match and I am blessed beyond words to have him in my life.
    7. The older I get, more foods disagree with me, like pizza and ice
    8. I like to get things done. Sometimes that need battles my desire to
    play creatively and sometimes it drives me to finish projects.
    9. On my way out of the door on Friday mornings, I throw my sheets in
    the washer so that night I can slide into fresh sheets and welcome the
    10. I wake when the sun comes up and get very sleepy when the sun goes
    down. That's awesome in the summer, but makes winters very hard for me
    to stay on a work schedule.

  2. last november we purchased a computer monitor in california
    a gift for our daughter who lives there
    the "recycle" fee was 30% of the purchase price
    it was quite a surprise at the register

  3. I LOVE your camera strap!!! Where did you get it?

  4. Message
    friend got it for me on The tag on it says sushi kat. I
    love it, too!