Monday, March 1, 2010

Self Portrait Fridays: Monday Edition

Seems more & more of these are posting on Monday.  And these
are ones my husband took.  But it counts anyway, right?


This is me, getting a CT Scan of my foot.  You see, the past
Saturday (2/20) I was leaving the JLB Project Fundraiser at Little
America and I wanted to call my husband & tell him I was on my
way to the store (the croppers were getting limo rides to the cool is that?!) and I was looking at my phone while
decending two flights of stairs.  I got all the way to the
bottom & missed the bottom step.  I fell like a sack of

At first, I shook it off.  I was more worried that someone
may have seen me fall & I limped out to my car. 
I was totally mortified & thought walking to the car would
help me shake it off.  I know.  Dumb.  I managed to
drive myself, I'm not sure.  All my vehicles are
standards (stick shift) and pushing in the clutch caused my
whole leg to shake violently.  I am queen of I'm
fine...and leave me alone (once, I fractured my knee cap on a walk
& had to walk 2 miles home on it...again, dumb).  My
husband insisted I go to the Walk-In Clinic & I insisted I
go to work.  Hey, we were expecting lots of people...I had to be
there.  When I could barely put any weight on my foot, I
realized that yeah, I'd better get it checked.  So we headed to the
Walk-In Clinic.

I won't bore you with the details at the Walk In Clinic, suffice to
say, I left with crutches & a walking brace & a vague "it
doesn't look like anything is broken, but we'll have a radiologist
review your xrays anyway".  Oh, and no pain pills.  Just a
"take ibuprophen if it hurts".  Um, ok.  So I made my husband
take me back to work.  Hey, the croppers were getting to have
pomegranate martinis (my favorite) & I figured, no pain pills,
so we'll self medicate. 

was my husband mad...I think he thought taking photos would
shame me into going home...nope!  I stayed for a few
hours...enjoyed the martini's & the busy-ness of
the store.  (the fundraiser was a huge hit by the
way & will be held again next year the weekend after
President's Day...we'll post info about was AWESOME!)

So I spent the next few days hobbling along on my crutches in my
brace.  Thinking that my foot/ankle was just sprained
badly.  My family doctor (I see a Naturopath) worked some
magic on my foot that helped with the bruising and swelling &
told me if in fact, it was a sprain, I needed to get on it as soon
as possible to prevent scar tissue from building up.  Sounded good
to me.  So on Thursday, when it was feeling better, I
drove Kendall to actually felt good to stretch
everthing out after 5 days in a brace.  And I even did some chores
at home (without the brace...although I did wrap it in an ace
bandage).  Then I got a call from the Walk-In Clinic and was
told that my foot had an avulsion fracture (a crude explanation: when
the ligaments separate from the bone, taking bone fragments with them)
and to put no body weight on my foot.  Oops...I'd been walking
around all morning.  Oh, and I needed a CT Scan.

So yeah, this is me, getting my CT Scan.  It was totally painless & over in a minute.


It was pretty dang cool, too.  I got to see all sorts of bones
& things in my foot.  And my fracture.  Very cool. 
And tomorrow I get to see an Orthopaedic doctor.  It seems my CT
Scan found multiple fractures.  Not just the one we knew
about.  Hey, it's all good.  I'm not worried in the least
little bit.  Honestly, the more we find out, the more it makes me
laugh.  Because really, who does this?  It's just
comical.  The one thing I do wish is that I had a better
story.  Because missing a step just sounds lame...

So what does your self portrait tell you about your week?   


  1. So sorry about your injury!! But how great that you thought to take
    those photos. I would have thought of that after I got home for sure.
    It makes a better story. Swift recovery to you!!

  2. Ouch! Bummer! Hope it all heals up well. (I can relate to just bearing
    the pain and not going to the doctor!)

  3. great story kirsten! and classic "adventures of kirsten!" heal up fast!
    you know, it doesn't take much to cause an avulsion fracture...kris
    stumbled off a curb back east a couple of years ago on a business trip. i
    did an ortho exam when she got back and sent her for an x-ray...she was
    stunned to learn that she'd fractured her foot. with a teeny little
    awkward stumble. go figure, huh? get better soon!

  4. Don't feel alone in this type of injury. I missed a step carrying my
    baby daughter many years ago. Made sure to keep her safe in my arms and
    my foot took the injury. Same type of thing - pulled it so hard that
    the ankle bone tore away. Wish I would have had the martini afterward..
    Heal quickly and feel better soon!