Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's the little things...


That's AJ & me, kicking back watching Curious George (that's Curious George himself in AJ's hand).  

The best thing about fracturing my foot is that I've had to slow
down.  So I got to hang out with AJ & watch a movie.  And
frankly, it was fun.

The worst things about fracturing my foot?  Probably too many to list...but hey, just for fun, lets talk about it:

  • Apparently, my creativity is tied to my foot.  Who'd have
    thought?  While I can plan out your pages & invitations, when I
    sit down to do my own, I draw a complete and total blank. 

  • My foot doesn't hurt much during the day.  But at night? 
    Look out!  Advil is my friend.  Well, until I watched Good
    Morning America this morning & they said that using ibuprophen is
    bad for your kidneys & frankly, my kidneys have enough problems
    without adding that to the mix.

  • The brace is really attractive.  Seriously.  It's black
    & pretty's the crutches that you all seem to

  • I'm getting used to the crutches.  And getting buff at the same
    time...who knew?  And Jamie tells me that crutch walking for 30
    minutes burns 350 calories...sweet!  That's more than my treadmill

  • I get to ride in one of those sweet little carts at Target. 
    Yeah, I know you're jealous!  They come with a little horn & a
    back up beeper, too!  You too could have your teenager text all her
    friends about mom's new wheels!  Oh, and they take your
    crutches away, leaving you totally helpless.  At least you don't
    take out some un-suspecting passerby with them (since no one seems to
    see you in the little cart).

  • Want to freak out un-suspecting family members?  Just show 'em your foot :)

  • After telling people a few hundred times that yes, you broke your
    foot by missing a stair, you start to create way more fun ways to
    have done it in your head.  Here's hoping those new stories don't
    actually exit my mouth.

  • I've gotten to watch almost 2 complete seasons of Quantum Leap.  That Scott Bakkula is a hottie...

  • My husband is very attentive.  So much so that I get in
    trouble for making a trip to the bathroom without asking for help. 

  • I'm learning to slow down (although kicking & screaming).  I just didn't expect to be this slow....

  • My brace makes for a great snow scooper...just 4 more weeks & the brace will be off & snow season will be over.

  • It's a conversation starter, that's for sure.

So you see, it's not all that bad.   


  1. awesome list. i think you should tell a different "how it happened"
    story each time someone asks and make them really crazy stories!
    xoxo, Judy

  2. You make me LOL, Kirsten. Thanks for the list!