Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Antiques Roadshow & a Giveaway


Have you ever watched Antiques Roadshow
I always think I'll only watch it for a few minutes, and the next thing
you know, I'm hooked.  I'm not even into antiques.  What I
love about it are the people who don't know what they have.  The
older gentleman who ended up having something that was worth hundreds of
thousands of dollars & cried because he didn't know where his next
meal was coming from.  The guy last night who bought a painting at a
yard sale for $25 and it's worth $80,000.  And the people at the
end last night that thought they had something good but it was a fake
& they were looking for the garbage can.  I just love the whole
dang show. 

Would you ever stand in line for hours to see if something you
treasured was worth money?  Is sentimental value enough?  I'm
totally sentimental, so the dollar value means nothing to me.  If I
love it, I'm keeping it...even if it's not worth a dime.  But then
if it were worth hundreds of thousands...maybe...well, not really, it
would make me sick to get sell something I tresured.

Here's a challenge for you today:  take photos of
your most prized treasures & do a page on them.  Tell the story
of why it's important to you.  Why you love it.  Heck, even
why you don't love it but keep it around anyway.
  One of
the things I notice on this show is that often the owners have no idea
of the family history of their item.  And that's sad.  
Especially, when a rich family history of an item can make it more
vaulable...and not just in a monetary sense.


Post a comment about the treasure that you have that you
would take to the Antiques Roadshow & I'll have a drawing. 
I'll give the winner a selection of paper fromGraphic 45...just because it's perfect for antiques!  (It's also great for everyday things....seriously!  Check out the beach layouts they did here...totally
in love with this paper!)  You have until midnight Wednesday to
post your comment & I'll post a winner Thursday morning.
  Good luck!


  1. Okay, I don't have really any treasures of my own to take but I did want
    to say that I love the show, I also love the antique roadshow episode
    on Will & Grace. Jack and Grace found something at a yardsale that
    they were going to pretend was valuable so they could go on the show and
    give a sob story just so they could make disappointed faces when they
    found out their "prize possession" was worthless. Not describing it
    well, but it was hilarious.
    My parents both have Buddy Lee dolls that they got as kids and my mom
    played with hers so he doesn't have all his clothes, but my dad didn't
    so his might be worth a little something. But I think it's neat that
    they were both given them as kids in small town ND and both still have
    theirs. I think they were part of a store display, but I'm not sure.
    If they are worth $$$ then maybe my parents will leave them to me. LOL

  2. When I got married I was given a set of crystal from a family friend.
    She gave me the story behind it and I guess it dates from the late
    1800's. I also love that show and am always amazed at what people hold
    onto. I'm sure I have thrown away lots of things that are/were worth

  3. Oh, good challenge! We have inherited some beautiful pieces of glassware
    and china or pottery from grandparents. At one time, I knew who had
    given us each item, but with the passage of time and accumulation of
    more "stuff" have lost track (mentally) or where most of it came from.
    At my parents' this summer, I took some pictures of some very old dolls
    of my grandma's and we wrote down what my mom remembered about
    them...but I'm not sure what we did with the paper we wrote it down on!

  4. I have inherited a couple of vases from my grandmother. They close to
    100 yrs. old. She got them for a wedding present. My mother always told
    me to get them appraised, which I never did because I never really knew
    who to take them too. They don't go with my decor so they are in a box
    in the closet. I can't really say whether I would give them up if they
    were worth a lot of money.
    I think about them every time I turn the channel and stop to watch the
    Antique Roadshow. It's too intersting, but I'm not a follower of the

  5. So funny that you bring this up. I took pictures this past Christmas of
    wooden hand-crafted items that my father-in-law has made and given us
    through the years. Then I took a picture of a little ornament that I got
    when my grandmother passed away. In the last year she was with us, she
    made a small felt dove with sequins all over it that I still have and
    still put on the tree every year. This past Christmas marked the 20th
    year I have had it. I can't believe it's been that long, and I love it
    more and more every year I have it.