Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why I scrapbook.

I love photos.  Plain & simple.  If my house were on
fire, I'd grab my family, my dogs, my cat & my photos.  The
rest can be replaced.

Every once in a while it's good to talk about why we scrapbook. 
To remind ourselves, that yes, it is in fact, important.  I have
to admit, I have a horrible memory.  I remember all sorts
of unimportant things...but I've forgotten the little things that
make up our lives.  Not all of them...but enough of them
that I sometimes feel like I'm missing a big chunk of my
life.  What I've found with scrapbooking, is that I can document
the little moments.  The big moments.  The things I might
forget.  The things my family might forget.  I want my
daughter to look back at the books & remember her
life.  Again, it's the little things.  Take this blue
Christmas tree, for instance.

enjoy Christmas lights as much as the next person.  Usually
in multi colors.  But every year since 2000, when a co worker of my
husband's was killed, we light a tree in our yard with blue lights in
his honor.  Now don't you think that's a story to be told? 

And these
two girls, Leah & MacKenzie, have become part of our
family.  This sledding trip was a blast & the kids have
such great memories of it...well, for now.  This was a couple years
ago, and frankly, memories fade. 

 Families grow...

Loved ones pass on...

Obsessions are born...

Trips are taken...

Celebrities are met....

History is made...

I don't want to forget a single moment.  So I scrapbook.

Before you start thinking "who has time to scrapbook?!", let me tell you, I do not scrapbook every photo I take.   I do print them, however.  And they go into photo sleeves, right in my scrapbooks. `Yes, I mix scrapbook pages & photo sleeves.  Love it, too!  (You can read all about my Scrapbook Project & how I got caught up here
It's not overwhelming, it's not hard.  Promise.)  And here's
another thing, I mostly scrapbook single page layouts.  All those 30/30 Project pages and Page of the Week Projects
They go into my scrapbook.  I just pick a few photos from an event
& scrapbook those.  Honestly, you can even scrapbook in the
4x6 photo sleeves.  Mindy has done some excellent pages this
way.  (Hey, Mindy, bring those pages to the All Day Crop so we can
show 'em off!)

One more thing, my 15 year old (ok, 15 and a half year old)
has been looking through our scrapbooks a lot.  She's never taken
an interest in it...until I got all those photos in albums.  Notice
I didn't say I got all those photos scrapbooked.  I got them in
albums.  And she loves it!  A few months ago, I "caught" she
and her dad reminiscing over our trip to Washington, DC.  It was to
visit the Law Enforcement Memorial & they flipped through every
page of that scrapbook.  She was 6 when we went on the trip &
remembers very little.  So she & her dad cuddled up & went
through it.  And at the end, she was sobbing.  So yeah,
scrapbooking is important.  So very important.

Now I want to hear from you.  Why do you scrapbook?  Why don't
you scrapbook?  What do you do with your photos?  Do you
print them?  Are they living on your computer?  I think each
& every one of us could learn a thing or two from your
comments.  So please, don't be shy.  Make a comment. 
Link to your own blog where you discuss this topic.  I want to see
what you're thinking.  Seriously.

Monday, March 22, 2010

What's in your bag?

My friend Rachel
tagged me in a "what's in your bag?" challenge.  Immediately, I
thought, "holy cow, I'd better clean it out first!"  But it wasn't
so bad...


So here's my purse...the keeper of too much crap.  I have a confession to make...I hate
to spend money on purses.  $20 is about my limit.  But this
one I splurged on when the boot store in the space we occupy
now was going out of business.  I had to have it. 
And I spent almost 5 times my maximum...totally freaks me out when I
think about it.  Purses just aren't my thing. (I'd rather have
scrapbook supplies.)

some reason, I have a rabies tag in my purse.  Go figure. 
Not sure which of my 3 dogs it belongs to...but there it is. 
My keys.  Dental floss.  A thumb drive.  The
red wallet my sister in law gave me...she gave me the
wallet with the stripes, too.  A $2 bill that was given
to me by my mom ($2 bills are supposed to bring good luck).  Carmex
chapstick.  A grocery bag.  My phone.  My pass to
the Aquaplex (which, sadly, has not been used in over a month). 
And a Harkins popcorn bag (hey, they refill the larges for
never know when you'll end up at the movies).

So what's in your purse?  What does it say about you?  I
think I'll make a page about this...a fun concept, for
sure!  If you post this to your blog, send me a link so I
can see what's in your bag...inquiring minds want to know!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Self Portrait Fridays


My daughter actually took can see her reflected in the car. 

Ah, spring break...we took a much needed break & went to Las
Vegas for a couple of days.  Don, Kendall, our friend
MacKenzie & myself.  Yeah, we all fit in that teeny tiny
car!  Three miles outside of the Hoover Dam traffic came to a
dead stop.  No real reason...just a lot of traffic.  It took
well over an hour to cross the dam.  But we had some fun with
it.  The girls got out & walked along side the car...


That's them in the rearview mirror...trying to catch us.


and me....

The new bridge is coming along very nicely...


Looking at it gives me the willies...way down deep inside. 
Even looking at the photo creeps me out...I'm not a fan of heights.

What'd you do this week?


Friday, March 12, 2010

Self Portrait Fridays


Taken this my usual place, the bathroom mirror at the
store.  Looks very similar to the first self portrait of the

First self portrait

At least I changed my clothes....and I lost a little weight...not that you can tell in these photos.

Let's do something fun today.  Along with your self portrait,
let's make a list of 10 things about yourself.  Things people know
or don't know...just the first 10 things that come to mind.  Here

1.  I can't stand baby carrots.  I like regular carrots,
but not baby ones (and yes, I realize that the baby ones are just cut
down big ones).  But something about them is just creepy...soggy,

2.  I love to do this blog.  And I'm addicted to
Facebook.   I check my email compulsively.  Actually, I
check it all compulsively.  Well, unless the computer is
downstairs, in which case, it's not worth risking crutches on stairs,
even for email.

3. I'm having to slow down.  It's hard, but you know what,
the world didn't stop.  Things still get done.  Just way
slower & with much less stress.  Maybe I should stay on
crutches forever...ok, scratch that.  Maybe the lessons I'm
learning on crutches should stick around, but the crutches, I'm so over

4.  I think I have the best mom ever.  I am very,
very lucky to have her!  I mean, really, who could spend every day
with their mom?  Well, except me.  Don't get me
wrong...we disagree & get into arguments all the time...but I love
her & I wouldn't change a thing.

5.  I hate to shower on Sundays.

6.  I've been addicted to paper & pens since I was a little
girl.  That's what I spent all my money on.  Things haven't

7.  When I was 11 or 12, actor Bob Crane was murdered & I
was obsessed with it.  So much so, I wrote a report on it &
wanted to be a forensic pathologist so I could solve
his murder.  Turns out, I didn't want to go to medical
school.  But I do have  a degree in Criminal Justice....I'm
married to a cop...and I watch crime shows all the time...does that

8.  I hate to ask for help.  I feel like I'm bothering the
person I'm asking...I fret over it forever before I finally ask.

9.  It drives me nuts that my husband & daughter seem
incapable of shutting cabinet doors.  This morning, for instance,
every cabinet door in the kitchen was open.  Why?  Why do they
do this to me?

10.  I am totally pissed about the new Verizon $10 "data" charge on new phones.  And
there's nothing I can do about it...I've been obsessed about it for
weeks.  I don't want my teenager on the internet on her
phone.  I know, I know.  Then take the phone away from
her.  Sigh.....and grrr....all at the same time.

Those were the first 10 things that came to mind today.  What about you?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's the little things...


That's AJ & me, kicking back watching Curious George (that's Curious George himself in AJ's hand).  

The best thing about fracturing my foot is that I've had to slow
down.  So I got to hang out with AJ & watch a movie.  And
frankly, it was fun.

The worst things about fracturing my foot?  Probably too many to list...but hey, just for fun, lets talk about it:

  • Apparently, my creativity is tied to my foot.  Who'd have
    thought?  While I can plan out your pages & invitations, when I
    sit down to do my own, I draw a complete and total blank. 

  • My foot doesn't hurt much during the day.  But at night? 
    Look out!  Advil is my friend.  Well, until I watched Good
    Morning America this morning & they said that using ibuprophen is
    bad for your kidneys & frankly, my kidneys have enough problems
    without adding that to the mix.

  • The brace is really attractive.  Seriously.  It's black
    & pretty's the crutches that you all seem to

  • I'm getting used to the crutches.  And getting buff at the same
    time...who knew?  And Jamie tells me that crutch walking for 30
    minutes burns 350 calories...sweet!  That's more than my treadmill

  • I get to ride in one of those sweet little carts at Target. 
    Yeah, I know you're jealous!  They come with a little horn & a
    back up beeper, too!  You too could have your teenager text all her
    friends about mom's new wheels!  Oh, and they take your
    crutches away, leaving you totally helpless.  At least you don't
    take out some un-suspecting passerby with them (since no one seems to
    see you in the little cart).

  • Want to freak out un-suspecting family members?  Just show 'em your foot :)

  • After telling people a few hundred times that yes, you broke your
    foot by missing a stair, you start to create way more fun ways to
    have done it in your head.  Here's hoping those new stories don't
    actually exit my mouth.

  • I've gotten to watch almost 2 complete seasons of Quantum Leap.  That Scott Bakkula is a hottie...

  • My husband is very attentive.  So much so that I get in
    trouble for making a trip to the bathroom without asking for help. 

  • I'm learning to slow down (although kicking & screaming).  I just didn't expect to be this slow....

  • My brace makes for a great snow scooper...just 4 more weeks & the brace will be off & snow season will be over.

  • It's a conversation starter, that's for sure.

So you see, it's not all that bad.   

Friday, March 5, 2010

Self Portrait Fridays

This week's self portrait is a little different.  I want you to
hand your camera to someone else & have them take a self portrait of
themselves.  Several, if they'll do it.  My mom handed Ray
(he's almost 5 now) her camera the other day & he took 170 photos
(good thing for digital!)  His self portraits are among my favorite
photos ever.


We should all try this...


This one cracks me up!


You should see the other 167 photos...hilarious!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Antiques Roadshow & a Giveaway


Have you ever watched Antiques Roadshow
I always think I'll only watch it for a few minutes, and the next thing
you know, I'm hooked.  I'm not even into antiques.  What I
love about it are the people who don't know what they have.  The
older gentleman who ended up having something that was worth hundreds of
thousands of dollars & cried because he didn't know where his next
meal was coming from.  The guy last night who bought a painting at a
yard sale for $25 and it's worth $80,000.  And the people at the
end last night that thought they had something good but it was a fake
& they were looking for the garbage can.  I just love the whole
dang show. 

Would you ever stand in line for hours to see if something you
treasured was worth money?  Is sentimental value enough?  I'm
totally sentimental, so the dollar value means nothing to me.  If I
love it, I'm keeping it...even if it's not worth a dime.  But then
if it were worth hundreds of thousands...maybe...well, not really, it
would make me sick to get sell something I tresured.

Here's a challenge for you today:  take photos of
your most prized treasures & do a page on them.  Tell the story
of why it's important to you.  Why you love it.  Heck, even
why you don't love it but keep it around anyway.
  One of
the things I notice on this show is that often the owners have no idea
of the family history of their item.  And that's sad.  
Especially, when a rich family history of an item can make it more
vaulable...and not just in a monetary sense.


Post a comment about the treasure that you have that you
would take to the Antiques Roadshow & I'll have a drawing. 
I'll give the winner a selection of paper fromGraphic 45...just because it's perfect for antiques!  (It's also great for everyday things....seriously!  Check out the beach layouts they did here...totally
in love with this paper!)  You have until midnight Wednesday to
post your comment & I'll post a winner Thursday morning.
  Good luck!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Self Portrait Fridays: Monday Edition

Seems more & more of these are posting on Monday.  And these
are ones my husband took.  But it counts anyway, right?


This is me, getting a CT Scan of my foot.  You see, the past
Saturday (2/20) I was leaving the JLB Project Fundraiser at Little
America and I wanted to call my husband & tell him I was on my
way to the store (the croppers were getting limo rides to the cool is that?!) and I was looking at my phone while
decending two flights of stairs.  I got all the way to the
bottom & missed the bottom step.  I fell like a sack of

At first, I shook it off.  I was more worried that someone
may have seen me fall & I limped out to my car. 
I was totally mortified & thought walking to the car would
help me shake it off.  I know.  Dumb.  I managed to
drive myself, I'm not sure.  All my vehicles are
standards (stick shift) and pushing in the clutch caused my
whole leg to shake violently.  I am queen of I'm
fine...and leave me alone (once, I fractured my knee cap on a walk
& had to walk 2 miles home on it...again, dumb).  My
husband insisted I go to the Walk-In Clinic & I insisted I
go to work.  Hey, we were expecting lots of people...I had to be
there.  When I could barely put any weight on my foot, I
realized that yeah, I'd better get it checked.  So we headed to the
Walk-In Clinic.

I won't bore you with the details at the Walk In Clinic, suffice to
say, I left with crutches & a walking brace & a vague "it
doesn't look like anything is broken, but we'll have a radiologist
review your xrays anyway".  Oh, and no pain pills.  Just a
"take ibuprophen if it hurts".  Um, ok.  So I made my husband
take me back to work.  Hey, the croppers were getting to have
pomegranate martinis (my favorite) & I figured, no pain pills,
so we'll self medicate. 

was my husband mad...I think he thought taking photos would
shame me into going home...nope!  I stayed for a few
hours...enjoyed the martini's & the busy-ness of
the store.  (the fundraiser was a huge hit by the
way & will be held again next year the weekend after
President's Day...we'll post info about was AWESOME!)

So I spent the next few days hobbling along on my crutches in my
brace.  Thinking that my foot/ankle was just sprained
badly.  My family doctor (I see a Naturopath) worked some
magic on my foot that helped with the bruising and swelling &
told me if in fact, it was a sprain, I needed to get on it as soon
as possible to prevent scar tissue from building up.  Sounded good
to me.  So on Thursday, when it was feeling better, I
drove Kendall to actually felt good to stretch
everthing out after 5 days in a brace.  And I even did some chores
at home (without the brace...although I did wrap it in an ace
bandage).  Then I got a call from the Walk-In Clinic and was
told that my foot had an avulsion fracture (a crude explanation: when
the ligaments separate from the bone, taking bone fragments with them)
and to put no body weight on my foot.  Oops...I'd been walking
around all morning.  Oh, and I needed a CT Scan.

So yeah, this is me, getting my CT Scan.  It was totally painless & over in a minute.


It was pretty dang cool, too.  I got to see all sorts of bones
& things in my foot.  And my fracture.  Very cool. 
And tomorrow I get to see an Orthopaedic doctor.  It seems my CT
Scan found multiple fractures.  Not just the one we knew
about.  Hey, it's all good.  I'm not worried in the least
little bit.  Honestly, the more we find out, the more it makes me
laugh.  Because really, who does this?  It's just
comical.  The one thing I do wish is that I had a better
story.  Because missing a step just sounds lame...

So what does your self portrait tell you about your week?