Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well hello there!

Looks like I missed self-portrait Fridays...I was all wrapped up in
our snow storm & wondering about my store.  I'd take one right
now, but it would be super scary.  I'll take a shower first
:)  It looks like all is well at the store & we'll be opening
today.  My husband went in last night...seems we ran out of toilet
paper at home...and you can't have two girls at home & no toilet
paper...and he said the store was good to go.  The red tag is
off.  And our roof is intact.  YEAH!

I got a call from
my mom last night that a friend from high school was sending me a photo
of my mom & that I needed to post it to my blog. 

Bubbles McCully-1

titled "Bubbles McCully".  I saw that photo & was immediately
struck by how much I look like my mom.  My brother, too!  I'll
have to dig out some younger photos of myself & show you.  I
can never tell the difference between my toddler photos & my


  1. This is NOT a high school drinking picture!
    The photo was taken at Laurie's wedding. It was the summer before Kirsten went into 2nd grade.

  2. Great picture!!
    I am so happy you are open and the store is safe. Hope to see you soon:)

  3. Cute! Glad to hear everything was OK at the store!

  4. Wow! You're mom's a HOTTIE! lol. :)