Thursday, January 14, 2010

Self Portrait Fridays


morning, 6:36 am.  I've already walked my dog 3.4 miles.  Was
going to work out...even started to...then decided I could do it
later.  Not really in the mood, I guess.  My mood
is...iffy.  Maybe I should go back to least for a
bit...sigh, that's not going to happen...

I started obsessing
about my self portrait for today last night.  I had the shot all
planned out in my head.  I was going to take a photo of me working
out...and I did.  But when I saw the size of my booty, and well, I
deleted it.  Um, yeah.  Time to re-think.  It took a few
more shots (a few more=30+) to get one I was happy with...make sure you
move your focus points around.  I'm pretty sure this is focused on
the chair in the background (not intentional), but it was as close as I
could get.  And you know what, I'm ok with that. 

point I'm trying to make, is don't give up.  Move your camera
around.  Use the self timer.  Use the delete button.  I
must have tried 10 or 15 different places to put my camera before I
found one I was happy with.  And even though my mood was a little
iffy this morning, this was fun to do.

I know that there are a few
(ok, a lot) of you that think I'm crazy for asking you to take your
self portraits every Friday.  There really is a reason for
it.  As scrapbookers, we usually take all the
photos.  That means we're never in them.  And that, my
friends, is sad.  We're always waiting to look a certain
know what I mean..."I'm too fat", "I don't have my make up on", "I'm
wearing the wrong clothes"...whatever your excuse, it's just
excuse.  I'm encouraging you to take your self portraits because
it's a snapshot into your life.  And there's a little less pressure
because you're taking it yourself.  You need to be in your
photos.  I believe that with all my heart.  


  1. Love this challenge and you are so right. When we return from a trip, I
    can't tell by looking that I was even there except for the occasional
    posed group shot. You are right on with all the excuses too. At least
    I'm thinking about it!!

  2. I only had to take 5 and I think one of them is OK, although upon closer
    inspection, it appears that there is a stain under my arm - oh well . .

  3. Message
    we find all sorts of things when we take self portraits...who

  4. I think your right..You gott play with your camera...I love your babay
    blue wall and I think you look very cute...Gloria