Sunday, January 24, 2010

Self Portrait Fridays: Sunday Edition


decided when I started the Self Portrait Fridays that I was going to be
"real" with the photos.  No dressing up...trying to make myself
look better for you...what you see is what you get...just plain, 'ol
me.  And here's what you get when you see me on a Sunday
morning.  We had just gotten back from the gym, where I sweated my
ass off (literally!). 

This peace shirt is a recent find on a
clearance rack at Macy's...I think it cost under $5...and that's my new
iPod that Kendall & Don gave me for Christmas.  I haven't had
much of an opportunity to put music on it, but I do have the Glee
Soundtracks...Volume 1 AND Volume 2.  There's also some Lord of the
Dance, Vampire Weekend (a new addiction!), Meredith Brooks, The Dixie
Chicks, Jody Messina's Greatest Hits,  Paul Overstreet's Greatest
Hits (hey, my wedding song is on that cd!),  and the soundtracks
from Invincible and Happy Feet.  My daughter is appalled that I
only have 115 songs on it.  I'm working on it...

So what do you look like on a Sunday morning?  And what's on your iPod? 


  1. I looked hot and sweaty this morning 'cause I went to the gym as well! I wasn't brave enough to take a photo of it, though!

  2. I love this! You go, girl! I told Carolyn to check it out too! You rock!