Monday, January 4, 2010

One Little Word

Every year, Ali Edwards does a post on one little word
She encourages her blog readers to pick one word at the beginning of
the year that sums up what they want to accomplish...their hopes...their
dreams.  Last year I played along & did "sparkle".  This
year, the word was harder for me to come up with.  I've come up
with hundreds such as:  happy, fit, healthy, successful,
strong...ah, and so many more.  But what just popped into my head


so, like, totally 80's, isn't it?!  While I am a child of the 80's
(really, a teenager in the 80's), it has nothing to do with that. 
AWESOME! is my word because I've decided that 2010 is going to be an
AWESOME! year.  Seriously.  I'm tired of the gloom and doom of
2009.  It's time for a positive outlook & I believe it will be
an AWESOME! year!  If I don't believe that my goals are AWESOME!,
who will?  I have a tendency to be negative & really hard on
myself.  My one little word, AWESOME!, well, that word just doesn't
allow that, does it?

Keep an eye out on
the blog for a project that I'm making featuring my's
coming...and it's AWESOME!  Now tell me, what is you're word for
this year?  What one word defines you, right this moment? 
Need a little push?  There's a worksheet here by Christine Kane that just might help you along. 


this the most AWESOME! hair & pair of pj's you've ever seen? 
That's me, Christmas morning, with my treasured peace sign (made out of
some kind of recycled tire re-inflator cans).  I have a project in
mind for that, too!  (it came from Cost Plus, if you're


  1. and an awesome font! what is that? wishing you an absolutely awesome
    year, kirsten!

  2. My word for the year is Perseverance. It just seems to fit in almost
    all aspects of my life right now. It's not fun or creative, but it's

  3. Children of the '80s ROCK! And so does that hair cut!!