Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

so beautiful!  This little tree in my front yard is about 4 ft
tall.  It has the misfortune of being next to the driveway, so it
spends much of the winter under the snow.  It looks...hopeful,

As I was out walking my dogs this morning it occurred to
me that lots of folks may not be too happy that school was
canceled.  But as I looked around & saw that 75% of the
sidewalks hadn't been shoveled...that the school by my house hadn't even
shoveled the occurred to me that I wouldn't want my
child walking to school in this.  Yes, the roads are relatively
clear.  But they're slick.  And because some haven't bothered
to shovel their sidewalks, the kids have to walk in the road.  And
it's just not safe. 

Then I started thinking that just for
today, we should cut everyone some slack.  Maybe your neighbor
didn't shovel because they are sick...have a bad back...are totally out
of shape...or just plain lazy.  Who are we to judge?  And
maybe, just maybe you could shovel for them.  It's good
karma.  And it may be just what they needed.  I have a
neighbor, Jay Ulibarri, who would snow blow every single house on our
street if he could.  He's just that nice.


here's the rubs off on the other neighbors.  Maybe not
right away, but pretty soon, they all start helping out more.  And
Jay?  Well, he just does it because he's nice.  More people
ought to do that.


a beautiful day to take a few photos.  I found out about Yaktrax
from a wonderful customer, Kay Treece.  These things are the best
ever!  I don't know how I've lived 36 years in Flagstaff without
them.  Seriously.  They are that good.


advantage of this little bit of unexpected free time &
scrapbook.  Upload your photos.  Order the prints.  I
cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to hold my photos in my
hands.  To flip through my albums.  And remember, you don't
have to scrapbook them all.  Refer to the scrapbook project here if you'd like to simplify your scrapbooking.


a beautiful day to take an unexpected photo.  I shot this right
into the sun.  And I love it.  That's one of those rules
"don't shoot into the sun".  Well, I say, throw the rules out the
window & shoot whatever you like today.  See what happens.

at home with your kids today...wondering what to do on another snow
day?  Why not start on your Valentines?  Or make some
crafts.  Run by the store & pick up some fun paper &
stickers & some glue...bring the kids...& why not stay a while
& make some fun projects?  (I'm full of ideas for things for
the kids to make...just full of them!) The kids'll love it!  You'll
be out of the house & it'll be fun!  And maybe, just maybe you
could deliver those Valentines to your neighbors...just because. 
Even if you don't know them.  It's all about the karma...


  1. i have a neighbor like that, too. he's out at 5 am, before heading to
    work at gore. he goes up and down the street with a snowblower, clearing
    driveways (so the plow doesn't block us all in) and as many sidewalks
    as he can before he has to head out. happy as a clam and grinning from
    ear to ear. he and his family regularly receive cookies and hot
    chocolate mix from our house. great people...btw - yaktrax ROCK!

  2. We are stuck inside too, not with snow, but heavy rain and winds and
    you're right - there is lots to do! I just saw on TV that you guys
    stand to get something like 7 more FEET of snow - YIKES!!!

  3. hi there...
    i was wondering how my 2 girls in flagstaff were doing with all this
    crazy weather.
    wonderful photos.
    hope you are staying warm.
    take care.