Monday, January 11, 2010

Ice Skating

I grew up a block away from the ice rink.  Most weekends you'd
find me there.  Funny how much it's changed since I was a
kid....  Anyway, I went skating with my friends MacKenzie &
Nathan Sunday afternoon.  It's been a few years since I've
been.  Totally forgot how much I love it!  Oh my!  We
ended up skating for 75 minutes.  Which is excellent, since
MacKenzie had just finished playing her hockey game.  That kid has
stamina like no other!


She skates better than the boys...and she is full
of energy!  (When I was a teen, the walls you see on the left wall
were not was actually a chain link fence that opened up into
the forest.  Friday nights, we skated with the stars....oh, the
memories!  I had my first kiss at the ice rink...and couples skate
was so fun, well, if you had someone to skate with...they dimmed the
lights & played romantic music...cheesy now.)


into an old friend of my brothers, Mandy, and her daughter.  Both
of them were just adorable!  By the time we left, Mandy's daughter
was skating on her own.  It's so cool that they have things to help
the kids skate now...those didn't exist when I learned...and it seems
all the little kids who are learning wear helmets.  A good thing.


skating skills we a little rusty.  But truth be told, I was never
all that great.  Always had a great time, though!  I was quite
happy not to fall down, and Nathan told me that I skated really
well...a nice compliment from a 12 year old.  Will I go
again?  You bet!  It was a great workout & lots of fun,

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  1. How fun!! Brings back memories for me too - skated lots in Michigan on
    the lakes with cocoa and carmel corn after. Hard to imagine, though,
    since it's about 80 degrees over here. Don't know what happened to