Friday, January 8, 2010

Good Morning!


I'd like to challenge you to take a self portrait this morning. 
I know, why would you want to take a photo of yourself?  Maybe
you're not even sure how to do it.  It might feel a little
silly.  But trust me, it's fun!  One thing, you'll see if your
clothes have any stains on them.  Had no idea this shirt had a
permanent stain on it until I saw the photo.  Take your photo this
morning & you'll be one step ahead on the page of the week for next

It'll take a few tries.  Aim your camera's focus points
somewhere close to your face in a mirror.  And take a photo. 
You might find that the bathroom towels are more in focus than
take another one.  

Through trial & error, you'll find that you have to look at the
camera lens in the mirror...that took a few times to get right. 
Don't want to see your camera in the photo?  Hold it by your hip
& crop it out. 

Send me a link to your photo.  I want to see what you look like
today.  It's good to take our photos once in a while...I'm pretty
certain you don't let too many people take it for you...and you need to
be in your albums, too.  Trust me.


  1. NNnnnnooooooooo! Anything but that! ;) LOL

  2. Posted my pic on my sorely neglected blog. Used the old hold the point
    & shoot at arm's length and point in the general direction of my
    nose method. Already deleted the other dozen shots I didn't like! :)

  3. ack! will give it a shot...get it? shot? yuk-yuk. i got a million of
    them! lol! off to find a mirror with good light...