Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Do you know the number one thing I hear at the store every single day?  "I am not creative".  That's what 7 out of 10 people a day tell me.  And it really
bothers me.  I don't really have an answer for that.  Because
they walk in with an "I can't do this" attitude...and it's so not true.  Anyone can scrapbook.  Anyone. 
Seriously.  All you need is a desire to tell your story.  You
can put your photos on a piece of paper with photo corners, add a
little note & call it good.  And you know what?  It is
good!  Your pages do not need to look like the magazines. 
Sure, some of us like that sort of thing.  But what your pages need
to look like is something you love...what you envisioned.  You are
scrapbooking for one else.  No one will
judge you.  Your family will be thrilled with whatever you
create.  So take some pressure off yourself.  Seriously. 
Let go of that "It's gotta be perfect" mentality & just
create.  It'll come to you.  It'll all work out.  And
it'll be wonderful.  Trust me.

I saw this interview with Seth Godin on a website today and it really struck a nerve (it's on a website called The Happiness Project):

"There are two secrets to creativity:
1. Understand that there's no gene for it. No cultural or family
history required. Creativity isn't a gift from above, it's something
that everyone is capable of.

2. The only thing that prevents your creativity from showing up is
fear. Fear of being laughed at, fear of being wrong, fear of seeming
uninformed. So many creative exercises and habits revolve around
overcoming that fear.

For me, the single best thing you can do to become more creative is
to be wrong more often. Creative people are wrong all the time (look at
Apple's long string of failures). The goal is to create a safe place to
be wrong, a way to be wrong without destroying yourself. [Along these
lines, I remind myself to Enjoy the fun of failure.] The more wrong I am, the more often, the better I seem to get at being creative.

There are very few chances a day to be really creative, even for
someone who is creative for a living, the way I am. So I seek these
moments out, I treasure them and I try to be intentional. "Here's
something I've waited for a day or a week for... a chance to say or do
something that might change the status quo, that might improve a
system... I wonder how I can mess it up?"

So tell me, how can you be creative today?


  1. great interview kirsten. something i tell myself all the time is, "for
    crying out loud, it's not the mona lisa; just do it!." and it helps take
    the pressure off for whatever i'm working on to be "perfect." and it
    frees me up to experience "happy accidents." i love happy accidents.

  2. Great post Kirsten. I was EXACTLY one of those people when I first
    started scrapping. It took me a LONG time to even get started because I
    just felt "I am not creative". I thought that the "creative gene" was
    something I for sure did not inherit from my mother!
    And now....yes there are pages that I do not LOVE, but I like them
    all... Like you said, they are me and that is what's important.