Thursday, December 31, 2009



(I love that I can see my reflection in the balloons...very fun!)

I used to be a big resolution maker.  I remember being a kid & hanging out with my bff Sherrine all the
time (24/7 to be exact...we had great freedom as kids).  On New
Year's Eve, we'd stand on her Tata's porch & take turns running into
the yard & yelling our resolutions into the night.  I don't
know why we thought screaming them for the world to know would make them
come true...but whatever, works, right?  And as an adult, going to
Sherrine's house to play Cranium with her family & some other
friends.  Oh, and Penny's insistence that eating pickled herring at
the stroke of midnight would bring you a financial windfall in the next
year.  That's the grossest thing ever.  Trust me.  Boy
do I miss the simplicity of those days...and Sherrine.  But that's a
story for another day.

So here are my resolutions for 2010. 
I guess posting it to my blog is the equivalent of running into the
street & shouting my intentions for all to hear.  And you can
bet that I'll be making this into a page.  Maybe even today.

In 2010, I'd like to:

  • Play more with Audra (she truly is the best friend ever!).  Join her on some of those afternoon cocktail "hours".

  • Hike more. 

  • Learn to snowshoe.

  • Take more photos....take better photos.

  • Reconnect with Sherrine.  It's time.  And I miss her greatly.

  • Learn to have some patience with my family.  I have patience in
    abundance for my customers & friends.  But not my
    family.  Not at all. 

  • Embrace healthy eating. 

  • Be as fit as I can be.  And improve the strength of my core
    muscles so my back stops hurting all the time.  Don't laugh when
    you see me doing lunges the length of the store :)

  • Be a better wife, mother, daughter, & friend.

  • Have success with the store.  2009 was a really rough year to
    be a business owner.  (Maybe I'd ought to eat that herring

  • Be happy and more passionate about life.

  • Remember to floss every day & to put on face cream every night.  (I'm at that age know what I mean...when face cream becomes important!)

  • To be more creative.  To scrapbook more.  To make gifts for my friends & family.  

  • To take more vacations.

I'll stop there.  I could go on forever.  What are you resolving to do in 2010?  Post a comment & let me know.  Maybe I can add it to my list :) 

I wish all of you a very happy & prosperous new year! 


  1. LOVE the balloons - they almost look made of glass.

  2. I resolve to
    1. Learn the guitar.
    2. Make my home feel like home.
    3. Read the whole Bible. again.
    4. Celebrate more.
    5. Finally start my etsy shop!
    6. Lose the weight I put on since marriage.. yikes!
    these are in no particular order.. I like sharing. :) Great post

  3. Well, I'm not doing resolutions per se, but sticking with my core values
    from October (you know the ones!), concentrating on the first one,
    which is lifelong learning, and seeing where it leads! Love those
    balloons - I first thought it was some kind of abstract floral thing :).

  4. great photo, kirsten! i LOVE the story about you and your friend
    shouting your resolutions into the night. "tres ya-ya," in the lexicon
    of "divine secrets."
    i don't really make resolutions these days, but i DO keep a running list
    of goals, among which are: to continue to define myself as an artist
    while expanding my skills and my toolbag; become a better blogger; to
    start teaching at the national level; to put on my big brave shoes and
    start submitting some of my work for publication; take big steps and
    baby steps; and above all, remain ever grateful for the love and support
    of family, friends, and students. happy new year!

  5. oh - and to get that stamp line i've designed into production!