Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It's my favorite "holiday" ever!  Seriously.  I love the
costumes...I love the little kids...I love the spirit of the's
just good, clean fun!  That said, I don't particularly like to
dress up...I'm a little shy for that.  But this year I threw
caution to the wind & dressed up for the Halloween Festival that was
sponsored by the City of Flagstaff in Heritage Square.


we make a handsome couple?  (that's really my husband's
letterman's jacket from high school...he went to Coconino)  We
think we were zombies.  Not quite sure.  I had a little boy
tell me he was sure I was a vampire & then tossed me a pair of teeth
to wear.  Very cute!

I've started volunteering to do the
kids crafts for the City.  I've done the Christmas tree lighting
& now two Halloweens.  And I LOVE it!  I love the kids, I
really do!  When kids are young, they are SO creative...SO
free...and so darn cute!  And I volunteer my husband (who's
thrilled to help) and daughter (who's not so thrilled to help). 
It's just good karma.


were so darn busy, that we didn't have much time to take photos, so
forgive the lack of them...these are not the best.  But if Mindy
from Georgia is reading this, the painting behind me on the left is a Joe Sorren (if you want a photo of it, let me know!)


A sweet little Dorothy...


And a very patient dad who let his family dress him for Halloween.


It was a GREAT Halloween!


  1. kirsten, i love that last photo! awesome. miss you!

  2. great pictures, especially the last one. :)