Saturday, November 7, 2009

Grateful Day 7 (G)


I am grateful for this challenge.  Someone recently told me that
you should wake up & think of what you're looking forward to in the
day ahead & when you go to bed you should make a mental list of five
things you're grateful for.  I found that to be really hard! I didn't want to be grateful for anything needed to be something significant.  So I was making it way
more work than it needed to be & I couldn't think of anything
"worthy".  (Sounds like a running theme in my life...) And then my
friend Kim told me that you can be grateful for
anything...big...small...anything.  Like you're grateful for a
wonderful cup of coffee...or you're grateful for not losing your
temper...or you're grateful for the sun coming up.  Little things
matter.  And what I found was that when I started allowing that the
little things were not lame, it opened my eyes to some bigger things
I'm grateful for...which I'm sharing with you every day...for 26 I'll not spoil the surprise now :)

And now this book is on my nightstand...I've
been obsessed with getting it since before I went to Oregon but
couldn't find it locally.  It just arrived from Amazon...

I heard the author talking about her journey & her book on Martha
Stewart Radio (which I love, by the's Sirius 112).  I'll
let you know what I think when I'm done...I'm very excited to read it!


  1. Kirsten, I love that you've taken on this challenge and love reading
    your posts each day! It's the little things that make up our day to day
    experience and I think it's more about putting our mind in a grateful,
    positive place than stressing about what the things are. You are on the
    right track and the book sounds great!

  2. Rememer last year - there was that week I was grateful for cupcakes and
    another that I was grateful for a well crafted martini? As you said,
    often times it is the little things that open our eyes to be greater