Thursday, November 26, 2009

Grateful Day 26 (Z)


I'm grateful for "the Zone".  What's "the Zone" you might
ask?  Well, it's this crazy ability that I have to focus 100% on
what I'm doing at that moment.  And completely ignore
whatever is going on around me.  I'm able to accomplish much when
I'm in "the Zone"...however, to the untrained eye, I look grumpy &
maybe like you ought not to mess with me.  That couldn't be further
from the truth.  I'm always happy to help with whatever you
need.  Just sometimes my brain is focused on the task at hand &
I don't realize there's a whole world going on around me.  (and
there isn't a photo of "the Zone" because when I see them, I delete
them...mostly because I look grumpy & unapproachable...)

This concludes 26 Days of Gratitude.  I have to say, I really
enjoyed it.  What about you?  Did you like it?  Was it
challenging?  What did you notice?  At the beginning, I read 29 Gifts
and that helped me realize that you can be grateful for anything. 
It doesn't have to be some big, monumental, soul transforming thing
that you're grateful can be something as simple as a kindness
from a stranger...the best cup of coffee ever...a kiss from your sweet husband.  Whatever floats your boat.  The important thing is to remember to be grateful. 
No matter what your trials & tribulations are, this is one
fantastic life that we're living.  And it's good to be grateful.

Likely the Grateful book will be posting Monday or Tuesday...keep an eye's very cool :)


  1. I loved your days of gratitude - very inspiring!
    And I have seen you in "the zone". It's amazing how productive you are
    while you are in it!

  2. Kirsten, I have totally enjoyed it and will miss your little grateful
    posts - congratulations on stickkng with it and making it all the way
    through "Z"!! Good reminders for all of us!!