Thursday, November 26, 2009

Grateful Day 25 (Y)



greetings.  Now that's something to be grateful for!  I was
having a little trouble thinking of a Y word to be grateful for &
this popped into my head.  And what seasonal timing that was! 
Good thing, too!  When I went to to look up words
that start with Y here's what came up:  Y=mx b, adjectives that
start with Y, Y&r, Y tu mama, Yo momma, Youtube.

I especially like Yo momma.  Classy. 

grateful book is almost done!  I can tell you that I used
chipboard cut to 6x6.  I printed all my photos 5x7 & cut them
down to 5 x 5 1/2.  (they were .38 cents a print at Sam's
totally worth it...the ink alone to print myself would have cost way
more).  And I used a little paint & a little paper. 
Hopefully I can get it posted for you pronto.  But if you'd like to
get a head start, paint the edges of 14 sheets of 6x6 chipboard (or
cardboard...or cardstock) with paint (I used brown) and paint about an
inch all around the edges.  And pick out two double sided sheets of
printed paper.  The rest of the instructions, with photos is on
the way...

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  1. i, for one, am grateful for yo momma! definitely! ;~}