Monday, November 23, 2009

Grateful Day 22 (V)



photo has nothing to do with value...other than I value the talent my
mother has to create these little snowmen for the tree we're donating to
the Senior Corps.  I hope the tree raises lots & lots of money
for their program.  You can bid on our tree at the Radisson Hotel
after Thanksgiving.

Today I am grateful for value
Let me explain.  The back page of the Body & Soul magazine has
a list of things to keep you inspired.  It's always very
motivating & empowering.  The current issue had a comment that
really hit home for me.  It said to think of holiday gift giving is
a way of showing someone you care about how much you value
them.   This was an aha! moment for me.

I have to say,
I've been a bit of a scrooge (ok, not a bit, I've been THE
scrooge).  And I've been called the Grinch twice in 3 days.  I
just don't love the all.  It stresses me out like
crazy to spend money on presents.  So much so, that my friends
& I don't exchange gifts any longer.  For me, it became all
about how I'd try & try to get the perfect present for someone &
spend too much money, only to find that it got added to another pile of
stuff they didn't really need or want.  Or it got returned (I have
huge issues with returning things...I'll keep something I don't care
for just so I don't hurt someone's feelings).  I hate it when my
husband buys me gifts because it's always too much or never
enough.  Poor man can't win.  You get the picture.  I've
basically built the holidays up to fail. 

This one simple
comment about giving gifts to show people you value them has had a
profound impact on me.  So starting right this very moment, I'm
going to change my attitude about the holidays.  I'm going show the
people I care about how much I value them.  It's time to make some
gifts from the heart...and I know just where to do that.


  1. i hear you and am right there with you...

  2. gifts from the heart, valued friends...awesome insight kirsten! thanks!

  3. Glad to see that the holiday light is shining and shining bright! A
    little sad that you didn't use velcoiraptors though . . . I thought is
    was terribly clever.

  4. i haven't been on the blogs lately, and i read this.. and now i remember
    why i love reading them! very true and very real! i love the holidays,
    but sometimes they can be a drag. but seriously reading this made me
    remember the importance of giving.. not just to be a "giving" person,
    but to show someone how much i value them! great post kirsten!