Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grateful Day 18 (R)



grateful for reading.  I know, day two I was grateful for
books...but they're really important to me.  I can read anything,
but I especially love to read every book an author writes.  And if
it's a series, that's even better.  And I love magazines....I've
subscribed to People for almost 20 years!  I love to read's a bit of an obsession, actually.  Even the
newspaper.  And I can read anywhere.  In a car, on a boat, on a
plane, in a train...I can read most anywhere (but I do not like green
eggs & ham, I do not like them Sam I am...sorry...couldn't help

These are my favorite authors (in no particular order):

  • Diana Gabaldon:  The Outlander Series.  I
    have to admit, I haven't read the last three books, but I have a good
    reason.  I feel like I need to start back with the first book &
    get into the characters lives again.  I haven't read them since
    Kendall was six...and now she's 15.  They take a while to
    read...1000 plus pages is the norm.  But you get sucked in &
    want so badly to see what happens to Claire and Jamie....sigh...  I
    will tell you in advance that the first 100 pages of Outlander are boring...but after that, it's amazing!

  • Jude Deveraux:  My favorite book of hers is A
    Knight in Shining Armor, which is time travel smut.  It's one of
    the few books I'll read more than once.  On purpose, anyway.

  • Patricia Cornwell:  I love all the Kay Scarpetta books (she's a forensic pathologist).

  • Dean Koontz:  I've loved each & everyone
    of his books, but I'm quite taken with the Odd Thomas series...although I
    think I'm two books behind...

  • Sue Grafton:  These are the A is for Alibi, B
    is for Burglar, etc series of books.  I've read up to R is for
    Ricochet.  And I read them in 3 weeks.  All of them.

  • Stephenie Meyer:  The Twilight Series. 
    Loved them the first time around.  Re-read Twilight last month
    & found myself picking it apart.  That's why I only read books
    once.  But I really did love them the first time around!

  • Janet Evonovich:  The Stephanie Plum series is
    hilarious!  One for the Money,  Two for the Dough, Three to
    Get Deadly, etc.  Fast, fast reads & funny as hell.

Who's your favorite author?  What's your favorite book? 


  1. Love your choices in authors!! I am now onto book #3, Voyager, in the
    Outlander series. I was going to give up after book #2 but as soon as I
    started reading #3 I was sucked in again:)

  2. Message
    have to retake that photo again since theyre out of order. Worth the
    though! Howd you like the first two?

  3. LOVED #1 and most of #2. By the end of #2 I was kinda bored but I was
    also trying to hurry up and finish since I was due to have Wyatt at
    anytime. So far I am liking #3 :)

  4. Beautiful display of your books! I love getting "lost" in a book!

  5. Gotta agree with you on Patricia Cornwell and Diana Gabaldon!! love
    them!! I am finishing up on her lastest pretty good so far.