Monday, November 16, 2009

Grateful Day 16 (P)



I'm grateful for paint.  Sounds silly, I know.  But I got a
wild hair & decided to paint my craft room this beautiful shade of
blue.  (Just so you know, my daughter & husband think I'm
absolutely nuts!  But it's so pretty!)  Don & I
cleared out my craft room into the family room yesterday.  We
painted in the morning & then ran a bunch of errands.  By the
time we got home, we were just too exhausted to deal with the mountain of
stuff in the middle of my family room.  I started to feel a little
guilty & thought that I should at least start sorting some of this
stuff (there's really a lot).  And here's why I'm grateful for the paint...had we not painted, I would have continued to ignore the growing pile of memorabilia in my craft room indefinitely.   Because we painted, I spent time looking through the most precious memorabilia ever.  It was absolutely priceless.  Even Don enjoyed it.  Even Kendall who told me "Auntie Kris didn't make you get rid of enough stuff!" enjoyed it (that's a whole other story!). 
For some reason, I've not wanted to go through it for more than a
year...even longer, truth be told.  It was filled with so much
happiness...and so much sadness...but it made me remember again why we
scrapbook & it put it all into perspective for me.  Sometimes
perspective is just what the doctor ordered.

Wondering what that beautiful shade of blue is?  Here you go:


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