Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grateful Day 15 (O)



grateful for our dog Ori.  Ori came to live with us when my father
in law passed away last year.  He brought my father in law lots of
happiness...and he's brought us that too.  We joke that Ori is a
little old man.  He's very set in his ways...a little cantankerous,
too.  He doesn't much like being told what to do...and he likes to
take his time eating.  I think being thrown into our house with
Mia (who's a steroid junkie & thus will eat anything unattended for
even a millisecond) and Maggie (who thinks she might never see food
again) was a bit of a shock for Ori.  He likes to leisurely eat his
meals...but with two others hovering around him he doesn't get that
chance.  Meal time you hear "chomp, chomp, chomp,
grrrrr.....".  It's pretty funny.  He likes to cuddle &
gets quite put out if you put him down.  And his favorite spot in
the entire house is under the sheets with Don & I. 


  1. really nice photo, kirsten! love the doggie's story. aren't they SO like children? each with their own personality and needs...

  2. This is the CUTEST picture of you! So fun to see your face again! Hope you're staying warm.