Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grateful Day 14 (N)



It's a card game that is so fun!  My sister Jessica taught us how
to play at Christmas last year...and she, Kendall, Kris & I spent a
few hours playing.  Anytime Jess comes to visit, we play
Nerts.  Honestly, I thought she made it up.  Turns out, it's a
real game!  And last night we got invited to a Nerts party...can
you imagine?  It was so fun!  We
brought Kendall's bff Leah along & all the way home the girls talked
about how much fun they had.  With the holidays upon us, this
would be a great game to play with all that family that will be
gathering.  Here's a link to the rules.  If you google nerts card game, you'll come up with lots of links to rules...different ways to play.


  1. So glad you all came...we had so much fun! Already planning our December party, so be on the lookout for your invite :-)

  2. We use to play this BC (before children) and had a blast! Thanks for the
    reminder about this game. Maybe we'll have to get a round going at
    Thanksgiving while the kids watch a movie or something!