Monday, November 30, 2009

Craft Room Makeover

I am totally embarrassed to say, but this was my craft room just a few short days ago:


um, yeah.  that pile in the middle of the floor has been there a while...a long, embarrassing while.


Why yes...yes, that is a pile of VHS tapes.  Now ask me if I have a VCR...

If you'll recall in this post, I showed you this photo of a bowl I bought at Hodge Podge Collectibles.  


since then, I've been obsessed with this color.  So I painted my
entire craft room in it.  And I love it!  Here it is:


see that it's now Kendall's room.  Yeah, that's her on the
couch.  Hasn't moved in days.  Funny though, she hated the
color at first.  Told me it was so bright that she was pretty sure I
could see it from the store & quite possibly, even the moon. 
And now?  I can't get her out of it.  We played some musical
furniture in the house & moved a love seat into it.  Maybe I
shouldn't have done that...

A couple more views:



bookcase needs some work.  I can't part with them or paint
them...they're oak & we've had them forever.  So I've ordered
some Martha Stewart photo boxes & paper holders (those brown ones on
the 2nd shelf on the right side)...bunches of them.  It'll look a
little better.  And I need to adjust those shelves.  And that
big box on the bottom right is pages from the store...many, many people
helped make I keep them or do I toss?  Some have real
photos, so I'll keep them...others are copies of photos...they may have
to go.  Those navy blue scrapbooks are the first ones I ever
made.  Kendall has been looking through them every day.  Her
comment to me Saturday was "Hey, mom, I never knew you actually
scrapbooked!  These are cool!" and the best part "Looking through
our scrapbooks is bringing back so many memories!"  Well
then.  Mission accomplished.


And here's what's in that bowl from the thrift store...a collection of cards so we can play Nerts at a moments notice.


  1. It looks great!!!

  2. Ooooh! Inspiring! It's funny...I had just in the past 24 hours
    considered taking a "before" picture of my craft (and other) piles and
    trying to get it whipped into shape. What a fun "new" place to enjoy in
    your home!

  3. Kirsten, the room looks AMAZING! Love, love, love the color!

  4. Love it! I can so relate to dealing with the "stuff" - down in my shed
    (and thankfully out of my view) I have boxes of teaching supplies piled
    high that need to be dealt with sometime.....maybe after the holidays...

  5. and you kept the VHS tapes despite a VCR?
    Looks great! Congrats!

  6. I know, I know, but theyre Disney...I feel compelled to keep them. Plus,
    my favorite movie ever is Late for Dinner you cant get it in DVD. Im
    looking for a dvd/vcr combo...