Monday, November 2, 2009

26 Days of Gratitude


Saw this on a blog today and
thought it would be a fabulous thing to participate in.  Could
even end up being a great little mini book...hmmm...will have to give
that some thought!  So join me in blogging, journaling or just
jotting down what you're grateful for today.  I'll post what I'm
grateful for every day in November and if you'd like, post a comment
about yours.  Sometimes it's hard to think of what you're grateful
for...and sometimes not.  Maybe your comments will spur someone
else to realize that they, too are grateful for many, many things they
hadn't thought of.

Today I am grateful for my best friend
Audra.  She's amazing.  And life would not be the same without
her.  Seriously.  I hope you all have an Audra in your life



  1. I think its a GREAT idea for a mini-book. I think you could do a class
    like you did for the 30/30. Everybody record what they are grateful for
    each day and at the end offer a class to make the book:)
    Since we are supposed to follow the alphabet; Today I am grateful to be
    an AUNT to my precious little niece Peyton. She is adorable. So full of
    life and happiness. She makes me SMILE.

  2. you two are the cutest friends ever! how blessed you are! thanks for
    the push to remember what we are truly grateful for....

  3. My grateful - no cavities or any other hideous dental work surprises at
    today's dentist appt.

  4. Okay, so I wasn't paying attention to the alphabet part. Also grateful
    for a dentist who passes out Valium. We're all a lot happier.

  5. WOW Kirsten - thank you! And in return, I am always grateful for you.