Monday, November 30, 2009

Grateful Project Wrap Up

Ok.  Here's my Grateful book.  I love it!  It was so
easy.  It's something that you can easily re-create for your own
grateful project...or even just a simple holiday gift.  Here's what
you need:

  • 13 pieces of heavy 6x6 chipboard...or 26 pieces (that what I used
    & glued them together)...or 26 pieces of 6x6 cardstock. 
    Depends on how heavy duty you want the book to be.

  • Paint & gel medium.

  • A couple of sheets of double sided 12x12 print paper.

  • Some pre-made journaling spots.

  • A journling pen.

  • Adhesive

  • 26 photos from your grateful project...I printed mine 5x7 & cut them all down to 5 x 5 1/2.

  • About two hours.


I used Collage Press paper & journaling spots...because I love them. 


mixed paint with gel medium so I wouldn't have to seal the edges. 
Plus, I like the look that it gives.  The gel medium is white but
dries clear.  It doesn't affect the color of your paint at
all.  I mixed my paint on a non-stick craft mat.  Because when
I'm done, I can just scrape it off & start over.  I love that


about an inch all the way around all the chipboard pieces.  One
side if you're gluing them together, both sides if you're not.


watching your paint dry, you can cut all your photos to 5 x 5 1/2 and
cut strips of pattern paper to 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches.  You'll need 26
of them.


Glue your chipboard together...if that's the way you're going.  I used Art Institute Glue.


Cut a 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 piece of print paper for the cover.  Liberally apply gel medium to the chipboard.


Lay your paper on top of all that gooey goodness & smooth it out with your hand. 


I put my paper on, I actually go over the top with more multi
medium.  It helps smooth it out & seals the top.  A side
note, you can use Mod Podge, too.  I just prefer the multi medium
for a variety of reasons:  it dries quickly, I see little warping,
it doesn't bubble & it doesn't stink.


used Art Institute Glue & adhered all of my photos to all of the
chipboard.  There's a little gap, because the photos aren't
square.  That's where the 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch strips come in.


I did my journaling on these...or directly on the photo with a black Zig Millennium .05 tip pen.


a photo didn't fit one of the journaling spots & was too dark to
write on, I added white paint, let it dry & then wrote on that.


See, wrote write on the photo.  Surprised even me :)

I'll just give you a little tour of the book...












Ok.  Now a few close ups:


Wrote right on the photo.


This one is my favorite of all the pages. 

still have to bind my book.  I'll be punching holes with the
Cropodile & adding large office rings to hold it together.  May
even add a ribbon or two.  The goal was to keep this simple and I
did that.  And I like the outcome.  Hope you do too!

Craft Room Makeover

I am totally embarrassed to say, but this was my craft room just a few short days ago:


um, yeah.  that pile in the middle of the floor has been there a while...a long, embarrassing while.


Why yes...yes, that is a pile of VHS tapes.  Now ask me if I have a VCR...

If you'll recall in this post, I showed you this photo of a bowl I bought at Hodge Podge Collectibles.  


since then, I've been obsessed with this color.  So I painted my
entire craft room in it.  And I love it!  Here it is:


see that it's now Kendall's room.  Yeah, that's her on the
couch.  Hasn't moved in days.  Funny though, she hated the
color at first.  Told me it was so bright that she was pretty sure I
could see it from the store & quite possibly, even the moon. 
And now?  I can't get her out of it.  We played some musical
furniture in the house & moved a love seat into it.  Maybe I
shouldn't have done that...

A couple more views:



bookcase needs some work.  I can't part with them or paint
them...they're oak & we've had them forever.  So I've ordered
some Martha Stewart photo boxes & paper holders (those brown ones on
the 2nd shelf on the right side)...bunches of them.  It'll look a
little better.  And I need to adjust those shelves.  And that
big box on the bottom right is pages from the store...many, many people
helped make I keep them or do I toss?  Some have real
photos, so I'll keep them...others are copies of photos...they may have
to go.  Those navy blue scrapbooks are the first ones I ever
made.  Kendall has been looking through them every day.  Her
comment to me Saturday was "Hey, mom, I never knew you actually
scrapbooked!  These are cool!" and the best part "Looking through
our scrapbooks is bringing back so many memories!"  Well
then.  Mission accomplished.


And here's what's in that bowl from the thrift store...a collection of cards so we can play Nerts at a moments notice.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Grateful Day 26 (Z)


I'm grateful for "the Zone".  What's "the Zone" you might
ask?  Well, it's this crazy ability that I have to focus 100% on
what I'm doing at that moment.  And completely ignore
whatever is going on around me.  I'm able to accomplish much when
I'm in "the Zone"...however, to the untrained eye, I look grumpy &
maybe like you ought not to mess with me.  That couldn't be further
from the truth.  I'm always happy to help with whatever you
need.  Just sometimes my brain is focused on the task at hand &
I don't realize there's a whole world going on around me.  (and
there isn't a photo of "the Zone" because when I see them, I delete
them...mostly because I look grumpy & unapproachable...)

This concludes 26 Days of Gratitude.  I have to say, I really
enjoyed it.  What about you?  Did you like it?  Was it
challenging?  What did you notice?  At the beginning, I read 29 Gifts
and that helped me realize that you can be grateful for anything. 
It doesn't have to be some big, monumental, soul transforming thing
that you're grateful can be something as simple as a kindness
from a stranger...the best cup of coffee ever...a kiss from your sweet husband.  Whatever floats your boat.  The important thing is to remember to be grateful. 
No matter what your trials & tribulations are, this is one
fantastic life that we're living.  And it's good to be grateful.

Likely the Grateful book will be posting Monday or Tuesday...keep an eye's very cool :)

Grateful Day 25 (Y)



greetings.  Now that's something to be grateful for!  I was
having a little trouble thinking of a Y word to be grateful for &
this popped into my head.  And what seasonal timing that was! 
Good thing, too!  When I went to to look up words
that start with Y here's what came up:  Y=mx b, adjectives that
start with Y, Y&r, Y tu mama, Yo momma, Youtube.

I especially like Yo momma.  Classy. 

grateful book is almost done!  I can tell you that I used
chipboard cut to 6x6.  I printed all my photos 5x7 & cut them
down to 5 x 5 1/2.  (they were .38 cents a print at Sam's
totally worth it...the ink alone to print myself would have cost way
more).  And I used a little paint & a little paper. 
Hopefully I can get it posted for you pronto.  But if you'd like to
get a head start, paint the edges of 14 sheets of 6x6 chipboard (or
cardboard...or cardstock) with paint (I used brown) and paint about an
inch all around the edges.  And pick out two double sided sheets of
printed paper.  The rest of the instructions, with photos is on
the way...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Grateful Day 24 (X)



& kisses...that's what I'm grateful for today.  Sometimes we
take them for granted, so it's good to be grateful for them. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grateful Day 23 (W)



grateful for walking.  It keeps me sane.  Could have
something to do with the best friend I have along with me to bounce
ideas off of, to bitch to, to listen.  Whatever it is, walking is
imperative to my health & well being.  And the scenery
ain't half bad either...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Grateful Day 22 (V)



photo has nothing to do with value...other than I value the talent my
mother has to create these little snowmen for the tree we're donating to
the Senior Corps.  I hope the tree raises lots & lots of money
for their program.  You can bid on our tree at the Radisson Hotel
after Thanksgiving.

Today I am grateful for value
Let me explain.  The back page of the Body & Soul magazine has
a list of things to keep you inspired.  It's always very
motivating & empowering.  The current issue had a comment that
really hit home for me.  It said to think of holiday gift giving is
a way of showing someone you care about how much you value
them.   This was an aha! moment for me.

I have to say,
I've been a bit of a scrooge (ok, not a bit, I've been THE
scrooge).  And I've been called the Grinch twice in 3 days.  I
just don't love the all.  It stresses me out like
crazy to spend money on presents.  So much so, that my friends
& I don't exchange gifts any longer.  For me, it became all
about how I'd try & try to get the perfect present for someone &
spend too much money, only to find that it got added to another pile of
stuff they didn't really need or want.  Or it got returned (I have
huge issues with returning things...I'll keep something I don't care
for just so I don't hurt someone's feelings).  I hate it when my
husband buys me gifts because it's always too much or never
enough.  Poor man can't win.  You get the picture.  I've
basically built the holidays up to fail. 

This one simple
comment about giving gifts to show people you value them has had a
profound impact on me.  So starting right this very moment, I'm
going to change my attitude about the holidays.  I'm going show the
people I care about how much I value them.  It's time to make some
gifts from the heart...and I know just where to do that.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Grateful Day 21 (U)



January, 2008 Me with my mom & brother Dave.

grateful for the unique relationship I have with my mom & my
brother.  We're a close knit family.  Very.  How many
girls get to work with their mom?  I am the luckiest girl
around!  My mom is uber creative...she can whip up something
fabulous from anything you put in front of her...and she's just a great

My brother is just an all around good guy.  We argue like we're brother & sister (go figure!) but he'll do anything
for me.  He likes to tease me that I need my family close to me
all the that's a bad thing!  But I think he needs us
just as much... 

Grateful Day 20 (T)



The sunrise out my front door today (Sunday) at 7:13 am.

grateful for today.  Each day brings new surprises, adventures
& opportunities.  Today will be the best day ever! 

Friday, November 20, 2009

Grateful Day 19 (S)



grateful for Students.  Every fall, senior NAU visual
merchandising students do 6 weeks of real life visual
merchandising.  We get different students every week.  Their
goal is to create a visually appealing display for the store that
they're in that week.  One they & the owner are happy
with.  It doesn't always work's certainly a learning
experience for both myself & the students.  This group was my
favorite this year (although I probably shouldn't say that).  They
worked hard to make a display that shows products in use that we sell at
About Memories & More.  They worked as a team & had
fun.  That's what it's all about, right? Here are some sneak peeks
(but you should really stop by & check it out...the Madagascar
inspired penguins are adorable!):



Good job, ladies!